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    Sanganeri Prints Bedcovers

    Sanganeri Print Bed Covers

    As we all know, bedsheets are manufactured and printed pieces of fabric used to cover the bed to keep it clean and add to the room's aesthetic appeal. We are all aware that there are many bed sheets and linen products on the market today becaus...

    Sanganeri Print Bed Covers

    As we all know, bedsheets are manufactured and printed pieces of fabric used to cover the bed to keep it clean and add to the room's aesthetic appeal. We are all aware that there are many bed sheets and linen products on the market today because they are a basic necessity for every single family worldwide.

    When it comes to the bedroom, it must be extremely clever. It is because the bedroom is one of the most soothing places in the house. This is why every item of furniture and linen is considered to be of great quality.

    Historical Background

    The two hand-fabric printing methods used in Jaipur are the 2,000-year-old free handprint method and the screen-printing technique. One of the oldest methods of printing fabric is called hand block printing, in which a craftsman carves the required design onto a wooden block or multiple pieces of wood by the specifications.

    Since ancient times, block printing has played a traditional role in Indian culture. The Harappan culture, which lived 4,000 years ago, is where the Ajrakh of Sindh or Kutch gets its history from. 

    However, block printing is thought to have started in Sanganer in the 16th or 17th century CE. About 13 kilometres separate Sanganer from Jaipur. You can still find coloured clothes hanging out to dry in some of the town's roads and nooks if you take a trip through it.

    Aesthetic of Royalty

    Having  Sanganeri print bed sheets   brings out the aesthetics of the interior. This printing technique, authentically from Rajasthan's town of the same name Sanganer, is beyond beautiful.  Sanganeri bed sheets  have their charm and add to the room's vibrant splendour with patterns. 

    It can also be used to create a royal sense in your bedroom because  Sanganeri print bed covers  were used in the apartments of Rajputana monarchs.

    The floral prints are precious, given the prominence of  Sanganeri print bed sheets. Floral motifs of various types are commonly used in prints. The most common patterns shown in Sanganeri prints are rose, lotus, sunflower, gainda, kachnar, and lily. 

    The stems are specially printed on the cloth. In addition to the discrete prints, utilising a sophisticated Jaal pattern with exceptional Buti adds value to the cotton and silk masterworks. 

    These designs are cleverly designed with brilliant colours to give the fabric a radiant charm. Such designs of  Sanganeri print bed covers  like  Manipur bed covers,kantha bed covers,  kalamkari bed covers and  batik bed covers  look stunning in the room. They can lend a royal touch to the bedroom.

    Enhance Vividness

    Aside from using floral patterns on the textile, fruits are also required to print designs with a distinct style. Many old-style prints featured images of parrots and fish to maintain exclusivity. Elephant, peacock, camel, horse, and human images were undeniably used as printing patterns during the past fifty years. 

    Of course,  Sanganeri print bed sheets  are an important aspect of bed linens that maintain a room look renewed. As a result, the cautious selection is required. After all, it is about the appearance of your room, and everyone enjoys hearing visitors' compliments on the room decor.

    Presence in Digital Market

    The current situation has led to many online retailers establishing themselves on the internet. The fact is that such websites feature amazing quality and a variety of  Sanganeri print bed covers online.  These websites make it simple for customers to choose from the many shade combinations offered in the market. 

    Of course, customers can  buy Sanganeri print bed covers online  that best match the design of their room with  Ajrakh printed bed covers  or  handloom bed covers. They will be able to build symmetry and provide a positive influence in this way.

    Sanganeri Prints

    Geographical Indication status was granted to the Sanganeri block printing in 2010. Sanganeri prints have widespread popularity, but they are not without difficulties. Many artists have switched from traditional hand block printing to screen printing to make quick money. While still in use, natural dyes are being used by fewer and fewer craftsmen since they are difficult to get.

    Metal blocks are utilised to create more complex designs and finer, sharper features which can be seen in  jacquard-printed bed covers  and  bagh-printed bed covers. A wooden block is engraved with thin metal strips that have been hammered into thin strips. After drawing the desired design on the woodblock, the metal strips are hammered into the design. 

    Summing It Up

    Blocks come in various sizes and forms in both metal and wood. Many various combinations of both wooden and metal blocks may be used to construct a Sanganeri print material, depending on the craftsman's needs and the fabric used. Therefore, show a little more appreciation for the art the next time you  buy Sanganeri print single bed covers  or  Sanganeri print bed covers online  along with  bed covers and  quilts online.

    The benefit of purchasing Rajasthani  Sanganeri print bed sheets  online is that customers can view a wider selection than what could be offered in a certain store. Additionally, it comes down to personal preference and whether or not a person is prepared to pay a fair price for a conventional masterpiece.


    What is Sanganeri block print?

    Sanganeri is a hand-block printing method that originated in Sanganer, a village in Jaipur, Rajasthan. This type of textile printing is nearly five centuries old and plays an important role in the world of weavers and craftspeople.

    Which state is famous for Sanganeri block printing?

    Rajasthan is well recognised for the skill of block printing, which is still widely performed today. Block printing had flourished since the 12th century when art received royal backing from the rulers of the time.

    What is the size of a cotton single bed cover?

    A single bedsheet is commonly 152 cm × 228 cm in size (60 in x 90 in).

    How to take care of printed bed covers?

    When washing your bedding, use a gentle cleaning detergent. Regular laundry detergents should be avoided because they might be harsh on the bed sheet fabric. Wash and air out the bedsheets at least once a week to keep them fresh. To keep the colour and suppleness, dry them in the shade.

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