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    Plain Handloom Towels

    Clean Your Faces With Natural Handloom Towels!

    Imagine washing your face with a gentle cleanser and then rubbing it with a hand towel that makes your skin feel rough. Yes, it does occur when using handwoven towels of poor quality. Using a top-quality  cotton plain hand-loomed towel  has several benefits. 

    When making  plain handloom towels  from cotton, a natural material, an effort is taken to ensure that this natural essence is preserved throughout the production process. It is safe for you and the environment because it is not subjected to exterior forces throughout the production step, such as chemicals. High water absorption is the key sign of a high-quality towel. You can dry comfortably with a towel that swiftly seals in moisture and absorbs it. 

    Now, if you are thinking about where you can  buy handloom towels online with such great qualities, then iTokri is your one-stop solution! 

    Buy Plain Handloom Towels From iTokri

    Significant advancements in towel weaving and knitting technology over the past several years have made it possible for  handloom cotton bath towels  that are natural and of top quality to reach our bathrooms. These towels, which are manufactured using a very delicate weaving method as a result of spinning cotton using a unique production method, have numerous advantages over conventional cotton towels in terms of usage. And iTokri offers you such  plain towels.  The design of iTokri handloom plain towels is adaptable. It is appropriate for daily usage because it will continue to be soft and have a high water absorption capacity even after extensive use. Especially because hand towels are laundered frequently, picking a high-quality towel becomes more crucial.

    Let's have a look at them!

    Our Waffle Weave Handwoven Pure Cotton Towel is a high-quality towel made with this weave. Waffle weave is a six-shaft texture weave that, when used, increases the fabric's capacity to absorb water. This towel is soft, lightweight, absorbent, and comes in various colours! 

    Get our good quality plain dye pure cotton towel, the Jhiri Handloom Plain Dye Pure Cotton Towel. VAT dyes that don't bleed are utilised in this. Rajasthan-based Purushotam Chheepa produced this pure handloom fabric with a basic towel weave. This towel comes in various colours and feels so soft on the skin.

    A fine grade 100% handloom is the Bengal Pure Handloom White Cotton Bath Towel. The soft, supple, and enduring qualities of handloom fabrics are a result of the human handling of the yarn during weaving. The outcome is far less stress and damage to the yarn and the fabric. When compared to cotton created in factories, hand-woven cotton is regarded as being more breathable. By allowing more air to enter, it becomes cooler, softer, and more absorbent, according to this inference. It keeps you warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

    Get our Sambalpuri Pure Handloom Cotton Temple Border Towel Gamcha from Odisha, which is of excellent quality and is woven in the sambalpuri style. A traditional thin, coarse cotton fabric known as a gamcha is also used on many religious occasions. It contains bleed-free VAT dyes and is available in a variety of colours.

    So, now that you know the variety of handloom towels we have, use iTokri simple towels to feel the natural and relaxing state of drying and transform your bathrooms.

    Why Go For iTokri?

    On iTokri, you may purchase a variety of handloom towels. Other products from their luxury collection are readily available on iTokri, including  cotton sarees,  personal care products,  rakhi gifts for brothers,  brass bead rakhi,  and  home décor items. Visit our website right away to place an order! Browse the full selection of handmade and one-of-a-kind goods offered by the top handloom supplier. Now that orders may be placed globally. You may enjoy shopping on our website with no effort because it is easy to use. We also have the most affordable prices on all of our products.

    When you buy one of our handloom towels, you do not only get a superior plain towel for yourself, but you also support hundreds of labour-intensive artisans. Your purchase of a handloom towel from us is a way for you to support and thank Indian craftsmen.


    How many types of towels are there?

    There are 7 types of towels 

    1. Bath Towels 
    2. Bath Mats
    3. Wash Clothes
    4. Hand Towels
    5. Clean Up Towels
    6. Beach Towels
    7. Decorative Towels

    Do handloom towels absorb water properly?

    Yes! A good quality cotton towel absorbs water properly and is excellent for daily usage.

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