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    Handmade Footwear

    Handstitched Kutch Leather Slipper & Jutti

    Traditional Indian Footwear For Women That Is Fit For Conventional Wear

    Footwear refers to garments worn on the feet that initially serve to protect the feet and the harmful environment and thus keep your foot safe. The texture of the footwear is very smooth to provide the comfort needed for the person wearing it. It is primarily used to ease the movement of the person and also to prevent any injuries. Also, these serve as fashion statements and are available in a variety of forms and designs. Footwear is essential for all personnel so that it matches their outfit. iTokri has included a wide range of collections of traditional footwear that are hand-stitched and are made up of Kutch leather. Various slippers and juttis are made available at the store not to face any difficulty choosing their favourite product. The slippers and juttis consist of hand-stitched Kutch leather slipper, Kutch embroidery hand-stitched leather slipper, Ikat hand-stitched kutch leather jutti, etc., Thus, to provide comfort and convenience to the customers, the fabric used to make these slippers and juttis are fantastic. Therefore, to get the best traditional footwear for your loved ones, you must shop at iTokri.

    Think handmade, think iTokri!!

    Other Handmade Items At itokri

    iTokri  handicraft store is the best online shopping platform consisting of an extensive range of handmade products. These handcrafted products are worth buying as their durability is very high, and they do not get torn out quickly and thus, last for an extended period. Now, all the handmade items at iTokri are made by the traditional artisans of India; therefore, their skill and hard work are very well reflected in the finish. Other handmade products at iTokri include  writing paper,  dolls,  playmats,  baby bibs,  money banks online,  handmade sharpeners,  gift tags,  mouse pad,  rugs etc. Thus, you get the most beautiful handpicked products only at iTokri. Also, you should take in mind that the quality of the products will not be hampered in any manner and thus you will receive the best products.

    Why Choose iTokri?

    We have already talked about the kinds of products that are available at our store. But another important thing that will attract you more is our customer care services. The customer care services include fast delivery of products within seven days of placing the order, free shipping over all the products ranging above Rs. 500, easy replacement return and cancellation policy, multiple payment options etc. Also, we have made available to the customers e-gift cards.

    Thus, you must shop at iTokri!


    Q1. What does Footwear mean?

    Footwear refers to garments worn on the feet that initially serve to protect the feet and the harmful environment and thus keep your foot safe.

    Q2. Are shoes and footwear the same thing?

    Footwear is a large category in which shoes and others like slippers, boots come under.

    Q3. What are the types of footwear?

    There are various types of footwear like slippers, shoes, jutties, boots, etc.

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