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    Jamdani Weaving Stoles

    Add Beautiful Jamdani Stoles to your Collection

    iTokri offers the most diverse and exquisite collection of stoles from all corners of India. ...

    Add Beautiful Jamdani Stoles to your Collection

    iTokri offers the most diverse and exquisite collection of stoles from all corners of India. Don’t hesitate to explore this incredible collection of handloom stoles online at iTokri. With the finest quality and vibrant patterns, this vast collection on iTokri includes stoles of different materials, textures and fabrics to go with your outfits. Match your favourite outfit with a gorgeous handloom stole from iTokri and enhanced your fashion quotient. Drape a pretty stole on yourself anytime with any outfit and for any occasion, be it casual, traditional or formal.

    Jamdani Stoles at iTokri

    Stoles at iTokri range from a vibrantly patterned tie-dye fabric to the expensive exquisite and regal Jamdani stole of Bangladesh and India (Mainly West Bengal). Jamdani stoles have pretty much captured attention everywhere globally, with rich motifs and the most delicate muslin fabrics used for this weaving. Jamdani stoles are soft, elegant and made on handlooms using the tedious weft technique by artisans and craftsmen in Bangladesh and India. These beautiful and soft Jamdani stoles are available online in the gorgeous collection presented by iTokri, which collaborates with many rural companies and organisations to support artisans and craftsmen to preserve India’s traditional rustic art and crafts. 

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    Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

    1. What does Jamdani mean, and how is it made?

    Jamdani is a very finely woven cotton muslin fabric traditionally made on a handloom using the weft technique. It is used to create vibrant and beautiful motifs and patterns on cotton and silk saris or fabrics. The fine cotton yarn is first used to create a base for the fabric, and then the motifs and intricate patterns are made by hand on the material. It looks similar to tapestry work.

    Jamdani has been a popular and age-old technique of weaving and decorating sarees in Bangladesh, famously known as Dhakai Jamdani. It has gained vast popularity in India, especially in East India.

    Jamdani is a labour-intensive and time-consuming process where the fabric is handwoven by the craftsmen. This delicate traditional art of weaving takes special skills, a dedicated mindset as it takes; however, it takes nine whole months to create one Jamdani saree. 

    2. How to style Jamdani stole?

    Jamdani weave stoles are the ultimate comfort accessory that is regal, elegant and soft to the touch and, thus, a must-have in your wardrobe. Here are some tips for how to style Jamdani weave stoles for women.

    • Drape it loosely around shoulders like a shawl for a classy addition to your dress.
    • Loop it around the neck and let the ends fall parallel to each other in the front, or throw one lot over your shoulders - dupatta style for the casual look.
    • Knot the two ends of the looped stole in the front in a simple loose knot.
    • Jamdani stoles look gorgeous with traditional wear like saree or lehengas if worn pleated and pinned on one shoulder. 

    Experiment with many choices and ideas of wearing stoles and dupattas and glamourise your dress and outfit with the beautiful Jamdani stoles for women on iTokri. 

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