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Tussar Silk Weaves Stoles

Beautiful Handloom Silk Stoles Available Online at iTokri:

iTokri offers a glamorous and exquisite collection of handmade and handloom garments, fabrics and comprehension of authentic, gorgeous handicrafts by Indian artisans. Handloom weaves from iTokri are authentic and bring out the beauty of handloom textures and fabrics. 

The beautiful handloom stoles in iTokri are made of cotton weave or silk weave, some have a simpler, minimalist look and are of solid colour and some are intricately designed, handpainted or hand-embroidered by the artists in India, showcasing their ethnic and indigenous craftsmanship and skills. 

Stoles radiate a glowing, traditional and beautiful look that goes with multiple styles and is a regal addition to any dresses which makes it fit for all types of occasions, be it traditional or ceremonial or just even for just a casual hangout to show off your beautiful collection of elegant handloom stoles. iTokri is the best online store for the authentic Indian style and taste of Indian fashion and culture. The lovely collection of handloom stoles at iTokri vary in colour and fabrics to suit different types of preferences of the buyers. 

Traditional stoles of different handloom weaves are available in the iTokri collection, like the Eri cotton stoles, Eri silk stoles, the unique Vidarbha pure Tussar silk-cotton blended stoles, Chanderi Silk stoles, the famous Traditional Kalamkari Hand Painted silk-cotton stoles or the gorgeous Madhubani painted silk stoles, Kantha stoles, Chiffon stoles, Batik stoles, Shibori tie-dye stoles etc. 

iTokri Offers the Most Beautiful Collection of Handmade Products from India

iTokri is the place to go for the best positive experience and explore Indian traditional crafts and unique artistic culture. Visit our grand and exquisite collection ofdhokra jewellery,measuring tapes,silver anklets, and many more. Buy silk stoles online, among many other varieties of Indian products at iTokri where we provide International shipping for customers worldwide. 


Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

1. What is a silk stole?

A stole is a seven to nine feet long band of fabric worn around the neck and is usually and traditionally made of silk. A Stole is remarkably similar to a formal or evening shawl but is much lighter and formal in comparison, giving the entire outfit an elegant look. 

Stoles are made of lighter materials like chiffon, satin, or even cotton, and most popularly, silk. Stoles in India have the essence of Indian culture and fabrics. At iTokri, you can easily find a beautiful collection of stoles like pure silk stoles, Tussar silk weaves stoles, Stoles with Madhubani or Kalamkari art, and Stoles with Crochet Work Border and a bunch more.

2. What is the history of silk stoles?

The widespread use of silk stoles worldwide is because of their religious importance among Catholics. Stoles are also formally used at Graduation Ceremonies in the West to mark academic achievements, and the purple coloured stole symbolises Honour and Success. 

In India, however, the story and popularity of silk stoles differ from the western viewpoint. Among all the various fabrics used in India, the most popular and preferred material had always been silk. This is because silk was always for those among the highest ranks in ancient traditional India, symbolising power and royalty. Since then, silk has always been accepted as a magnificent look and the most popular fabric used for making fashionable outfits, dupattas, bridal wears etc., in India.

There are a wide variety of silk types and fabrics in India, like Garad silk from West Bengal, Matka Silk that is produced mainly in Karnataka and Kashmir or the Mulberry Silk that is the purest form of silk extracted from silkworms, Tussar silk that is popularly used to make tussar silk banarasi and fabrics, etc. Thus it is no wonder why silk stoles are so much in demand as silk stoles are undeniably beautiful and comfortable to wear. 

Stoles in Indian wear highly resemble scarves, dupattas or shawls, except stoles are a little shorter, lighter and formal in appearance and thus adds to the regal look of any outfit, adding a spoonful of elegance in the mix. 

Handloom stoles from iTokri add to the authentic Indian look and are the best additional touch to any outfit. Buy handloom silk stoles online on iTokri, the most trusted and beloved Indian online store that ships internationally and aims at complete customer satisfaction with authentic handloom weaves and original Indian products.