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    Hand-Knitted And Woollen Warmers From The Hills Of Uttarakhand

    Traditional woollen warmers lack style and comfort, usually running on your skin. They are also a bit of a hassle to wash and dry. But if you have ever tried wearing a hand-knitted woollen warmer, you will know they are an altogether different experience. The range of hand-knittedwoollen warmers from “iTokri” is comfortable and very stylish! Made out of fine wool, these warmers come in various colours and designs that go well to suit your personality. These are created by experienced artisans in the hills of Uttarakhand, using only the best quality wool and a traditional technique of knitting and weaving them together.

    Pick Up Hand-Knit Woollen Leg Warmer Online In The Famous Kumaun Style

    Women’s wool leg warmers(also known as Woolen gaiters) are a better choice than leggings as they are washable, easy to carry and look trendy. In addition, the knit leg warmersprovide added warmth to keep you warmer at nearly any temperature and prevent your legs from getting sore. They also keep the calf muscles warm, making them less prone to injuries during exercise or sports. So, keep your legs warm and fuzzy with this pair of fine quality hand-knittedwool leg warmers. Each piece is produced using contemporary design sensibilities with traditional techniques, taking days to complete and infusing love in each stitch. So,buy leg warmers and make a style statement with the hand-knit leg warmers available in different colours.

    Give Yourself The Warmth Of A Hand-Knit Cowl

    As a perfect winter essential, this soft woollen cowl will keep you warm and cosy as the temperature dips. This snuggly woollen cowl is hand-knitted using traditional techniques. Knitted by skilled artisans using natural fibres and hand-spun wool, it's not only ethically made but also durable. It is designed following the modern design and makes you warm during winters. It not only provides apt warmth, but it also adds up a layer and helps you in layering your outfits. In addition, it has a trendy, unisex design that makes it the perfect accessory to complete your winter outfit.

    Hand-Knitted Woollen Neck Warmer For The Cold Winter Season

    Wrap this hand-knitted chic acrylic wool neck warmer around your neck for a cosy winter. This is a beautifully hand knitted neck warmer from the Kumaun, Uttarakhand region of India. Designed for comfort and convenience, it is made with top quality acrylic wool that will keep you cosy on a winter's day. It is one of the best selling handmade products for people who prefer to look trendy. This is a perfect gift in winter as it has been prepared with love, care and traditional techniques in an ethical manner. As a result, it is a versatile piece of clothing that can be part of your day-to-day attire.

    So, get yourself these beautiful hand-knitted woollen warmers and many other items like woollen scarves,hand-knitted woolen, and mufflers at “itokri” that provides you with the best experiences. So, grab your favourite product today.


    1. Which thermal wear is best?

    Itokri has a versatile range of thermal wear. You can browse through the catalogue online for getting your desired product in your favourite colour, pattern and design.

    2.Does wool keep you warmer?

    Yes, wool keeps you warm. Keratin, the natural protein in all animal hair, is responsible for wool’s insulating qualities. In addition, wool fibres trap air to create warmth inside the garment, which keeps body heat stable. The high thermal conductivity of air means that once the human body generates heat, it will also remain within the garment.

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