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Woolen Scarves

Discover Our Collection Of Woolen Scarves At iTokri

Aren’t you tired of those itchy scarves that make you feel uncomfortable when you wear them? We understand that for women who want to add a dash of style to their personality, choosing a fabric that is not only comfortable but also stylish can be quite a challenge. So here comes the woolen scarves in action that compliment your best outfits in style and comfort. Of course, staying warm is a design-conscious choice, and women, in particular, are always conscious about looking stylish, even when caught in the cold, butwoolen scarf for women from iTokri will leave you awestruck with their comfort and style. Our range of luxurywoolen scarves for ladies is handwoven by artisans to create a versatile piece that is just the perfect accessory for any occasion. Be it a day out at work—a meeting with business partners or a walk in the park with dear ones; ourhand-knitted woolen online scarves will never fail you.

We believe that every woman deserves accessorising stylish and easy options on the pocket. And that’s precisely what itokri has—flashy, handcrafted woollen scarves designed to fit any mood or occasion.

Buy Handwoven Pure Merino Woolen Scarves Online

Handmade woolen wraps and shawls are a classic winter accessory that keeps the body warm and cosy in the winter season, and they also add a dash of personality to your style statement. iTokri woollen scarves are handwoven in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. It combines traditional Indian craftsmanship with contemporary design sensibilities. Using 100% merino wool, these scarves come in various patterns and colours. Wool is blessed with fantastic anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It lets the skin breathe and does not trap moisture inside, which otherwise would have led to skin problems like rashes/ eczema etc. However, merino wool is soft and warm, suitable indoors and outdoors. It makes perfect winter wear and can also be comfortably worn.

Our fine quality handcrafted woollenwomen scarves with a handwoven look and feel will stand you out in any gathering. The fine quality handmade woollen scarves are made by experienced weavers, who weave them to perfection using the traditional Kumauni techniques. They are the experts, and their skills are passed on from one generation to the next. The high-quality pure merino wool weaving makes the scarf light yet durable and warm.  These handwoven scarves are spun with a combination of natural fabrics and merino wool fibres, making them unique, comfortable, strong, and soft. We work with the weavers to maintain these traditional techniques and combine them with modern designs and fashion by experimenting with different patterns, colours and textures. Exquisite and artful, each scarf is unique in its own right. Each piece is created using traditional methods of knitting that have been passed down from generation to generation to preserve culture. This also ensures that only the highest quality products are made using materials sourced locally where possible.

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1.What is a wool scarf made out of?

Woolen scarves are made of merino wool, natural fibres (such as cotton or silk), and hand-spun wool.

2.Is a scarf good for winter?

Winter scarves can keep you warm and fashionable at the same time. They can be worn as an accessory or for protection from the cold, and you can find them in a variety of colours, patterns, and lengths.