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    Handloom Men's Kurtas

    The evolution of kurta

    To achieve a wide range of adaptability by buffering the effects of changes in the environment, man adapts and modifies the patterns of clothing available to him. India's climate varies greatly from state to state, so the patterns of garments vary accordingly. A typical tropical climate can be found in the eastern, southern, and western zones of the country. Garments with loose fit are preferred in these areas to allow the flow of air and provide protection from direct sun rays. Kurta, paired with pajamas that gained popularity in northern areas of the country, then spread through the rest of the nation. The Persian word ‘kurta’ means a ‘collarless shirt. The tunic-like stitched long shirt with slits on both sides became the traditional clothing of Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The Kurta is said to have been influenced by the hippie movement of the 1960s and 1970s, when wearing loose clothing was popular. It was the reflection of a laidback and carefree attitude. Later on, a more feminine version of kurta was created for women known as Kurti. Kurta became popular during the 19th century when it was worn by intellectuals, artists, and scholars. Despite the fact that today's kurta comes in a variety of styles and designs, back in the day, the design was simple and plain. It is primarily made of cotton; however, nowadays, silk kurtas are gaining a lot of popularity.

    The growing popularity of kurta

    Kurtas are not only worn on traditional occasions but have also become common in everyday life in modern times. You can wear a silk embroidered kurta to attend a grand wedding. Conversely, simple cotton-made kurtas can be paired with jeans and worn every day. Their versatility is evident in this. Slowly kurta has been gaining popularity outside India too, like U.S., U.K., France, Italy, and the Middle East. Kurtas are a favorite of younger generations and older generations alike because they are so comfortable yet stylish. Here at Itokri, we have come up with amen's handloom delivering kurtas online for kurta lovers.

    FAQs about kurta 

    • How to accessorize kurtas?

                   Kurtas can be paired with pieces of jewelry made up of gold and silver. Little modern ones can be paired with a beautiful watch too.

    • What is the average price of a men’s kurta?

    Kurtas in India can range from anywhere between 500 rupees to 2000 rupees, respectively.

    • What can we pair kurtas with?

    Kurtas can be paired with the Indian trouser called pajamas. Additionally, it looks great paired with jeans or leggings.

    • Can I wear a kurta to the office?

    Kurta is considered to be a formal attire, and hence it can be worn in any formal setting such as the workplace.

    • How can one buy kurtas for men online?

    One can make online purchases from sites likeIkatorito get a variety of kurtas at an affordable price.


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