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    Bagru prints are made with the help of natural dyes. Using natural dyes and hand-carved wooden blocks through the traditional process is practiced in Rajasthan. They are more popular for their exceptional quality of being eco-friendly.

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    Process of Block Printing

    Bagru printing uses various traditional methods but the main is when the cloth is sent to the indigo vats, dipped, taken out, and dried in the sun. It is then rinsed in a pre-boiled and cooled solution of pomegranate peel and water that is prepared a day before.

    Bagru of Rajasthan

    Some people believed that the village's Thakur wanted to make the village a center for Baghru engravings, so they brought in two families of printers from Isarda, a village near Jaipur. As these families became known locally as Chhippa, they settled here on the banks of the river, using sand as their main material and creating some of the interior designs that made this art famous in Rajasthan. While some believed that the technology was actually around 450 years old when it was introduced by the Chhippa community who migrated from Sawai Madhopur (Alwar) and settled in Bagru.