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Handcrafted Tribal Dokra Necklaces

Exclusive handcrafted tribal Dokra necklaces only at iTokri

Dhokra is non-ferrous metal casting using the lost wax casting technique. The metal casting that is used in Dhokra art is used in India for over 4,000 years. The earliest trace of the art can be found in the dancing girl of Mohenjodaro. There are two main types of processes used to make Dokra art jewellery and necklaces: solid casting and hollow casting. This art is most famous in Southern India but has received a lot of attraction in the other part of India. Dhokra damar tribes are the metal smiths of West Bengal and Orissa, and they are very much into metal casting. Their skills and hard work is very well reflected in the art they produce, and the finish of the art and craft is commendable. iTokri has included an extensive collection of handcrafted tribal dokra necklaces in its online store consisting of Tribal Odisha dokra threadwork necklace, dhokra craft necklaces and other types of pieces of jewellery. This jewellery gives an aesthetic look and is perfect for those who love Boho art and are inspired by their tradition and culture. You can wear these dhokra necklaces on any occasion and stand apart from all other women. So, to embrace your traditional look and make it even more trendy and classy, you must buy these beautiful dhokra art necklaces from the online store of iTokri.

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iTokri  handicraft store is an actual #madeinIndia store consisting of a large variety of aesthetic and quality art and crafts. Not only this, all the products are handmade and handcrafted; thus, their durability is also very high. You do not have to worry about the quality of the products, as we assure you that the colour, fabric and quality will not be hampered in any manner. Further, the small artisans make these products with their inherent skills; thus, the produced products are unique and filled with talent and hard work. So, to have the best shopping experience, you must shop at iTokri. The collection of handmade products at iTokri are  handmade necklaces,  golden grass necklace,  silver necklaces,  wooden necklaces,  beadwork necklace,  pencil pouches etc. Therefore, the most beautiful and handpicked items are made available at the online store of iTokri. From phulkari to pashmina, we have it all.

Why choose iTokri?

Our products are already explained above, but the other most attractive part of shopping with us is our customer care services. The services offered to the customers include fast delivery of products within a matter of seven days from the date of placing of the order, free shipping over all the products ranging above 500, easy return, replacement, and cancellation policy without any hassle or any problem. Also, we have included the option of an e-gift card so that you can gift them to your loved ones, and they can also shop worry-free at our store.

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Q1. Why is dhokra art famous?

Dhokra art is famous because of the metal that is used to make the products. The metal casting that is used in Dhokra art is used in India for over 4,000 years.

Q2. Why are these tribal dhokra necklaces so famous?

The dhokra art necklaces are famous because of their texture and the designs they are made up of. The thread work and beadwork is stunning.

Q3. What is the history of traditional dhokra crafts?

The earliest trace of the art can be found in the dancing girl of Mohenjodaro.