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Unique & Handmade Beaded Work Necklaces

Unique Handmade Beadwork Necklace from iTokri

Handmade and handcrafted products are very much durable and are considered as the best traditional art form in India. The handmade and handcrafted process comprises making various useful and decorative objects that are not made by the use of machines but are prepared with the help of hands. Handcraft sector is the traditional and ancient sector of India. Following this, iTokri has included an extensive collection of handmade and made in India products at its online store and one amongst this collection is unique and handmade beadwork necklace. The multicoloured beaded necklace also called Ulimi looks very elegant and beautiful at the same time. Beaded jewellery is considered as the most authentic and aesthetic jewellery for traditional Indian women. The handmade beaded necklace online at are readily available the online store of iTokri. These unique and aesthetic handcrafted beaded necklaces are made using various coloured beads and pearls and different and unique designs are created out of them.

Beadwork Necklace & Other Handmade Jewelry For Women

 Apart from beautiful designer beadwork necklace, handmade jewellery such as nose pin, earrings, silver oxidised jewellery, terracotta necklace sets, handmade anklets is included in the online store of iTokri. The collection of unique and handmade beadwork necklace includes special ikat cotton fabric stone necklace, antique silver finish oxidised special bronze beaded necklace, antique finish German silver necklace, etc. Thus, to shop these beautiful necklaces online, you must shop at iTokri

Other handmade products at iTokri

iTokri is the best online store for traditional Indian crafts and has a wide range of handcrafted traditional products at its online store. The most beautiful products from India and made by the small artisans of India, iTokri encourages its customers to buy only handmade products to support the livelihood of small artisans and also to contribute to the country’s economy. From Ajrakh to Pashmina and from Phulkari to Bagru, we have it all. That’s why we are the most trusted and reviewed  Indian crafts store.

Now, iTokri has other collection of handmade products like  hand-painted bedsheets,winter shawls,  eco-friendly handmade stationery,  bookmark designs handmade,handmade diary,  leg warmers,  winter socks,  anklets,  rings,  necklace set,  handmade curtains,  cushions,  baby play mats and various such others handmade products at its online store.

Also, with over 50, 000 products being made available at any point in time, iTokri is highly loved by its customers. Our customer care service is commendable and includes, fast delivery of products within seven days, easy replacement, return or cancellation policy, multiple payment options to facilitate our customers with all their needs etc. Apart from this, iTokri has also included the option of e-gift cards in case you are not able to choose the right product for your loved ones. With so many services, iTokri has around 2,00,000 verified customers and made iTokri a success. Our motto is Think handmade, Think iTokri and customers have always supported us.

So, to get the best handmade products, you must shop at iTokri.

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1.   How do you care for handmade jewellery?

You can steam, boil or place your handmade jewellery such as beaded necklace in an ultrasonic cleaner and remove all the dirt from it. Use a soft, clean cloth to clean it and polish it later.


2.   What is the difference between handcrafted jewellery and jewellery made by other methods?

Handmade and handcrafted jewellery is strong and durable. The finish and polish of handmade jewellery is better than the ones made by jewellery made by using other methods.