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    Play Mats

    Shop for Adorable Baby Play Mats from iTokri

    Having a new baby in the house is an exciting albeit stressful event. So naturally, all new parents want to get the best products available in the market for their babies. But babies are delicate, and we need to ensure that the material and products used for them are soft and safe. iTokri’s baby playmats are perfect for making sure that your baby stays comfortable and safe while they explore the surroundings with their curious eyes. If you are a parent, you will understand how much children like to play on the floor. So buy our adorable play mats for your baby or gift them to new parents. Don’t worry, and you can make it unique for them! How about a cute play mat for babies with an insect, animal or other attractive design? Sounds interesting, right?

    Worry not; you are just in the right place to buy play mats online! iTokri has a marvellous collection of baby activity mats or playmats for babies. You can keep your baby safe, and they can play as much as they want with these cute play mats. The quality of these play mats is fantastic, and the colour and designs will keep kids intrigued! You can buy these beautiful play mats online from the one and only iTokri, India’s number one destination for handmade goods. 

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    You can get the best play mats from iTokri. But, there are many more products waiting to be discovered! In addition, we have a vast collection of other items including pencil poucheshandmade albumsdollsmatsmoney bank, and many more. Check out our other unique items like sarees, suits, dupattas, etc. We also offer a vast selection of bags, pouches, juttis, home decor items, and many more. Buy these excellent qualities and delightful products from iTokri and take home a piece of traditional Indian arts and crafts.

    Why Choose Itokri?

    We at iTokri make sure that our customers get nothing but the best available in the market. All of our  products are of superior quality because the super talented artisans make thems of India. As a result, we have happy customers throughout the country, as seen from the many positive reviews on our website.

    This pandemic has taken its toll on everyone. However, a minor contribution from your end can go a long way to bring a smile to the faces of the artisans who have been involved in India’s traditional arts and crafts for many generations. So let’s stick together in these challenging times.

    What are you waiting for? Get your hands on these amazing items today!


    Some frequently asked questions are:

    1. How are playmats made?

    These playmats are made of superior quality material. They are all handmade by regional artisans in India. The designs are adorable and ideal for your baby. 

    2. How thick should a baby play mat be?

    It should be pretty thick so that it can protect your child. It should also be comfortable and made from material that will not irritate your baby’s soft and sensitive skin. 

    3. Why should I buy play mats online?

     If you are a new parent, you need to make sure that your baby is safe while playing. This baby play mat will keep your baby comfortable and safe.  iTokri is a trusted partner and online store, and you can trust that the quality of products will be nothing but excellent. So if you can’t go out due to the pandemic, it is best to buy these play mats online from a trusted brand like us.

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