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    Nandana is a mud-resistant print craft native to Madhya Pradesh and one of the few that has been put into practice in its original form. Fabrics printed in this way are worn as traditional clothing by local Bhil women.

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    Process of Nandana Prints

    Firstly the cloth is spread then the blocks used for printing are dipped in alum paste and pressed on the fabric after which the cloth is dried in sun. After this, the material is dried without washing and then dipped in a solution of water and gum. Then they're published with mud and smeared with wooden dirt to boom the energy.

    Nandana Printing of Madhya Pradesh

    Indigo is the most distinguished and rather recognized natural dye of some of the Nandna craftsmen. The community believes that a cow that drinks the indigo solution turns into more potent and if people consume the food with Indigo-stained arms, they do not face any problems related to digestion. In addition, they say that Indigo has the influence to show anything herbal. as a result, wearing Indigo-dyed fabric is considered lucky.

    Look Classy With The Nandana Block Print Sarees From iTokri

    This season, what’s your plan for new additions to your incredible apparel collection? If you are a saree lover, we are sure you love experimenting! The season o...

    Look Classy With The Nandana Block Print Sarees From iTokri

    This season, what’s your plan for new additions to your incredible apparel collection? If you are a saree lover, we are sure you love experimenting! The season of color and elegance is here, and it’s the perfect time to add some new items to your wardrobe. Check out ourNandana block print sarees, which are perfect for adding a boho touch with a hint of elegance to your style.Nandana print crafts is a mud-resist craft being block printing originated in Madhya Pradesh. This is one of the crafts that is still worn in its original form. The women of the Bhil district wear theseNandana block print textilework sarees as their traditional attire. 

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    Some of the most frequently asked questions are:

  • What is Nandana print?
  • Nandana is a style of hand block printing practised by the local community in the village of Madhya Pradesh. Traditionally, the Nandana process involved four designs: Mirch, Champakali, Amba & Jalam buta. Thus, one method requires four types of block printing in Nandana crafts. 

  • What is the speciality of Nandana block print crafts?
  • The speciality of Nandana block print crafts is that it is a mud-resistant craft. It is still worn in its traditional form and has significance as the formal attire for the women of the Bhil tribes. It has gained popularity for its simple but graceful designs.

  • Where did Nandana print originate?
  • The Nandana print originated in the Tarapur village of Madhya Pradesh. It first came into practice by the local Chippa community of the Tarapur village in Madhya Pradesh. 

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