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Jamdani Weave Silk & Cotton Sarees

Buy Jamdani Weave Silk And Cotton Sarees Online At iTokri.

The women of Bengal wear Jamdani weave silk and cotton sarees, and they have an extraordinary place in a Bengali woman’s heart! Jamdani is of Persian origin, and the term Jam means flower and Dani means vase, and when we combine it, we get the word, Flower vase. Thus, Jamdani weave silk and cotton sarees contain various beautiful patterns consisting of flowers and other motifs. Handloom Jamdani sarees are made up of both silk and cotton fabric. Both these fabrics are soft and comfortable and are best to be worn in any season. Jamdani weave takes around 10-13 days. At least 2-3 weavers have to work together to finish making these traditional sarees in not less than two weeks. The weavers use pure lace, i.e. the silver zari dipped in pure gold and then moulded into various thin wires. Apart from this, the most delicate silk is also used by the weavers. The manufacturing of Jamdani weave silk and cotton sarees involves constructing various beautiful designs and patterns like flowers, leaves, geometric shapes followed by the silk thread’s interweaving accompanied by looming. These sarees are readily available at the  handicrafts online store of iTokri. iTokri brings you a wide range and multi-coloured Jamdani weave silk sarees and Jamdani weave cotton sarees, and you can get your hands on these beautiful pieces from the comfort of your home!

Buy Jamdani Weave Crafts Online

Explore the exclusive collection of handmade Jamdani fabrics online that will just make you fall in love with its hypnotising beauty! You could also shop for the best  Jamdani stoles and scarves online to match your outfit from iTokri. Were you looking to buy Jamdani dress material online? Get designer suits and dresses made from authentic Jamdani dress material. Level up your suits and traditional Indian dresses with these best Jamdani dupattas.

You can also check out these authentic Jamdani crafts of India and give your house a little traditional and nostalgic touch!

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