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Stylish Keychains & Keyrings

Best Handmade Keychains

Everyone needs a keychain, be it for their house keys or office keys or car keys or the keys to their secret diaries.It is the one souvenir we are sure to find at any tourist place. A keychain helps to secure all your keys and keep them together; it represents trust and authority. It shows the responsibility of the holder. With complete access to online shopping, you can now browse scores of attractive keychain designs and order one that suits your fancy! You are sure to be amazed by the DIY handmadekeychains online. You can even try the embroidery ones.

Here are some of the fantastic types of keychains you can find online.

  1.    Tassel keychains

Tassel keychains are the latest addition to every girl's keychain collection. It adds a funky and relaxed style. You can use these keychains to hang around your tote bag handle or with your car keys; they can even be the best gift to a girlfriend. They'll love it!

  1. Customizable Keychains

One of the most popular keychain designs of all time is the customisable keychains with names and initials. From shell to wooden, you can find such keychains in almost all materials. These keychains add a personalised touch which is why they’re the go-to purchase.

  1. Beaded keychains

Some of the best keychains found online are the beaded ones. Colourful beads of all shapes and sizes never go out of style. Pinterest features tons of exciting ideas on how to create one for yourself. These beads are either made of plastic or crystal, which is quite famous for its texture.

  1. Arrowtail Leather keychains

Probably one of the oldest ones on this list would be leather keychains. They’re the most commonly used keychains for car keys, as men prefer this style for its classic and dynamic style. Unlike a few years ago, when leather keychains were available in only a few standard colour options, these keychains can today be bought in a whole array of colours and even shapes like flat, rectangular, rounded, and arrow tails. If your man prefers a sophisticated and classic style, give him a leather keychain.

  1. Plastic keychains

Small toys to cute shapes, every keychain shop has plastic ones. If you're a copoclephilist (keyring collector), your box must be filled with beautiful keychains made of plastic. The best thing is they last longer than other materials. You can find such coolkeyrings for guys anywhere on online stores.

  1. Wooden Keychains

Wooden keychains can have some very intricate designs, replete with minute wood carvings. They come in all shapes, and you can even customise them based on your preference. Some gift shops may print your loved ones' portraits or add inspirational quotes to these classic pieces, which is the best gift for someone you love.

Where can I get my unique keychains?

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