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All Beautiful Silver Jewelry on iTokri

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Visit iTokri’s trendy and well-loved collection of handmade art and crafts, exquisite fabrics, handmade beaded jewellery, beautiful pure sterling silver jewellery and handwoven dress materials. Check out their handmade rakhi collection with gorgeous designs and rakhi hamper sets for brothers and shop from iTokri’s beautiful collection of rakhi gifts online for sisters. Explore their fantastic rakhi thread collections and other crafts like Madhubani art on handmade paper bases and fabrics, clay bowls, pen stands, waste bins with tribal paintings and traditional art, animal and human figurines, wall hangers and a whole lot more at Itokri. Collect traditional handmade Indian products from iTokri to give a glamorous conventional Indian touch to your households and outfits. Itokri provides international shipments for customers globally.  

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Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

  1. How to keep silver jewellery clean?

Follow some simple rules and methods to store your precious silver jewellery and keep it clean and safe from tarnishing. 

  • First, never wrap the jewellery in plastic or newspaper or keep them in wooden boxes unless the box is coated with an anti-tarnishing coating and is airtight. 
  • Make sure the jewellery is clean of any sweat or dirt before storing it away. Wipe away the grime using a polishing cloth and wrap it in a soft muslin cloth before storing it out in airtight confinement to avoid exposure to air and moisture. It is essential to do so to retain the shine and prevent discolouring and tarnishing of the silver.
  • Wash away grime and dirt from silver jewellery, wash it carefully and gently with mild soap and water and pat it dry afterwards with a soft polishing cloth.
  • To clean silver oxidised jewellery, it is best advisable to use a jewellery cleaner, but various DIY tricks have been popular in cleaning silver jewellery at home. 
  • Some use a thick paste of water and cornflour on the piece of jewellery and when the mixture dries, wipe it away gently with a soft polishing cloth. It restores the shine of the jewellery.
  • Some weird ways of cleaning silver have also surfaced on the internet, like using ketchup or toothpaste to clean them, but it’s better not to try them. Instead, try a paste of baking soda and water to clean silver rather, or just use a polishing cloth.
  • Keep the jewellery separately from each other while storing. It is essential to prevent them from scraping against each other and to prevent scratches.

  1. What are the best ways to wear silver jewellery?

Silver jewellery needs to be worn often to prevent tarnishing, and silver is known for its durability. Thus it makes a good option for a piece of jewellery that you can wear all day. Handcrafted silver jewellery from iTokri is famous and well-loved because of its gorgeous ethnic look, style, and durability. Here are some ways to level up your accessory game and style your sterling silver jewellery perfectly with your outfit:

  • Silver has the perfect subtlety and simplicity that is unlike any other. Silver jewellery is effortlessly beautiful and elegant yet manages never to look too much or over the top with any type of outfit, formal or informal.  
  • Pair one large-sized jewellery piece and keep it down with other accessories to create a statement look and avoid clustering. For example, wear a big pair of jhumka earrings and avoid wearing a big necklace, stylish hair clips or rings. Instead, famous with other ethnic silver wear from the iTokri earrings collection for every occasion.
  • A simple looking silver pendant or easy looking earrings for the perfect casual hangout outfit. 
  • The traditional and ethnic silver jewellery pieces with floral motifs or classic indigenous silver jewellery pieces like the kadas and bangles, the chunky silver earrings like the jhumkas, etc. and figurine shaped necklaces, etc. are the best accessories to go with traditional ceremonial wears like sarees, Kurtis for lehengas. 
  • Pair your silver jewellery with the type of fabric you wear. For example, in block prints or solid monochrome outfits, wear an intricate piece of statement jewellery. Or pair up a simple piece of jewellery, like a plain band or choker or a simple chain to complement a patterned or intricately printed shirt, Kurti, sari or dupattas. 
  • Silver looks the best with colours like white, black, deep blue or other dark tone colours. Avoid pastel wear and silver jewellery together.