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    Cushion Covers

    Buy Handmade Cushion Covers Online at iTokri

    The word cushion finds its origin in the Anglo-French word cussin, quissin and its early use can be traced back to the 14th century. They are used for sitting as well...

    Buy Handmade Cushion Covers Online at iTokri

    The word cushion finds its origin in the Anglo-French word cussin, quissin and its early use can be traced back to the 14th century. They are used for sitting as well as a decoration for furniture. But the most important thing regarding the cushions is the cushion covers which give them the look that the customers require. Cushion covers come in various designs and patterns with beautiful shapes that suit the cushions perfectly. Cushion covers consist of various patterns such as patchwork, made up of flowers, multi-coloured patterns, etc which give the cushions elegance and beautify your room and your furniture as well. With various-shaped cushions and covers such as circular, heart-shaped, bitmojis and various cartoons, you can easily decorate your child’s room. Cushion covers are handmade and sometimes even made through mechanical means. The handmade cushion covers are best and durable and are made up of cotton to provide comfort to the customers. Handcrafted cushion covers are readily available at the online store of iTokri. iTokri has a unique and elegant collection of cushion covers that not only suits your furniture but also makes your room aesthetic and traditional. Handloom cushion covers come in different prints such as Ajrakh print, Barmer print, Applique cushion covers etc. Thus, to purchase the traditional cushion covers, you must shop at iTokri.

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    iTokri  handicraft store is India’s most loved and reviewed crafts store consisting of various unique handmade products that are made by the traditional artisans of India. In this way, we not only contribute to the country’s economy by encouraging our customers to buy only handmade products but also help the small artisans in their livelihood. Also, our online store is flooded with various handmade items and products such as  handmade bed covers online, Indian  fabrics,  applique work cushion covers,  ajrak print cushion covers, Barmer,  cutlery online,  fridge magnets,  wooden spoons,  handmade coasters,  stationery,  handmade diaries,  sling bags etc to support all your needs and deliver to you all the authentic products. All these products are reviewed and verified by various craftsmen all over India and you need not worry about the quality of the products at all. From Phulkari to Pashmina, we have it all. Thus, to get the best shopping experience, iTokri has included all the best handmade products, sirf aapke liye!!

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    iTokri is India’s true #madeinIndia store consists of a wide range of collections of handmade products and items at its online store. Not only this, whenever you have to purchase any product from our store and are facing any problem we are just a call or an email away. Our commendable customer care services have been appreciated by everyone, that’s why we can satisfy all our customers. Our services include fast delivery of products within seven days, free shipping over all the products ranging above Rs. 500, multiple payment options like a credit card, debit card, PayPal for our international customers etc. So, you need not worry about anything else and just shop worry-free. Apart from this, iTokri has also included the option of an e-gift card for our customers in case they are not able to choose the right product for their loved ones. Thus, iTokri is the one-stop solution to all your shopping needs. With our good quality products and amazing services, the count for our verified customers has increased by over 2,00,000 and our reviews over all our social media pages have crossed 1,00,000. Hence, you need not go anywhere but iTokri.

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    1. What fabric is best for cushion covers?

    Cotton and Linen are best for making Cushion covers because they are hard wearing and soft.

    2. What are the best Cushion fillings?

    The filling made up of Duck Feather is the best.

    3. How to wash a Cushion cover?

    A cushion cover needs to be washed on a gentle cycle in cold with a mild detergent for effective cleaning. The cover should be zipped otherwise it may get tangled in the washing machine.

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