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    Batik Prints Shorts

    Explore The Amazing Collection Of Batik Printed Cotton Shorts

    Batik, is a decorative art...

    Explore The Amazing Collection Of Batik Printed Cotton Shorts

    Batik, is a decorative art form that has been practiced by the people of Indonesia and Malaysia for centuries. The art was originally developed as a technique for decorating the clothing of royalty, government officials, and others; it is also used for home décor, like window treatments, wall coverings, and ceiling treatments. Batik is based on the use of wax and oil resist dyes and inks to create a unique design.

    Batik print has been a popular art form in Indonesia for many centuries. The technique is relatively simple. First, cotton cloth is dyed and then printed with a spot of special ink made of rice, coconut oil, and egg white. The ink is applied to the cloth using a special needle that is dipped into a vat of the ink and then pulled out. When the Dutch began trading with the East Indies, they also brought batik print technology. Batik was a very simple printing technique in which a design or image was imprinted on cloth using wax, dye, and a wax stamp. The cloth was then rinsed and dried, and the excess wax and dye were scraped off, leaving a decorative pattern in the cloth.

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    The term batik first appeared in Europe in the early twentieth century, when Dutch traders brought the tradition from Java to the Netherlands. Today, batik cloth is produced in countries all over the world, with the best quality coming from Indonesia and Malaysia. The most common material for making batik cloth is cotton, but it is also made from silk, wood, and even plastic. 

    In the apparel industry, batik print has been widely used for various types of garments. One of the most common use is batik print shorts.The batik print shorts are a comfortable alternative to traditional cotton shorts online, made with a soft and comfortable cotton material that’s been treated to make the fabric extra absorbent, fast-drying, and wrinkle-free. If you are wanting to buy print shorts online then the batik print shorts are a perfect choice. They are great for all occasions - from beach days to family gatherings, to everyday errands. They are perfect for wearing around at the pool or in the sun, and are sure to be the most comfortable shorts you have ever worn! You can buy batik shorts from iTokri. We have a wide range of batik print shorts available at our online store from which you can select your favourite color and print. 

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    1. What is a batik print?

    An application of wax-resist dyeing to a whole cloth is batik. Indonesia is the country where this technique originated. In batik, dots and lines of the resist are drawn either by a pointed tool called a canting or by stamping the resist with a copper stamp called a cap.

    2. Why is batik so special?

    Waxing, dyeing, and boiling are all steps that are repeated and delicately crafted into the product. During the coloration process, wax functions as a color blocker, so it will be applied to every part of the fabric that does not want to be stained with colors.

    3. Where can I buy printed shorts?

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