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    Bagru Prints Shorts

    This Summer Season Beat The Heart With Bagru Print Cotton Shorts

    Situation around thirty...

    This Summer Season Beat The Heart With Bagru Print Cotton Shorts

    Situation around thirty kilometers from Jaipur city, Bagru is a small Indian village in Rajasthan. It has been quite famous for the traditional method of hand block printing on fabrics. An in-depth study of the villages' printing and dyeing processes was commissioned by the renowned Calico Museum of Textiles in Ahmedabad, India, in the 1970s due to the elaborate and richly colored floral prints. Today, the village is bustling with activity, providing unique bagru print fabrics for export. Among the transport options available between Jaipur and Bagru, buses and Jeeps are the most common.

    By using their indigenous methods, they begin with preparing the cloth and end with finished printed fabrics. With wooden blocks, specialty motifs are transferred onto light colored backgrounds following two different transfer methods: direct transfer and resist transfer. This exotic art of creation faces problems against the threat of globalization, but it nevertheless needs to be encouraged in the current era of environmental awareness. Bagru dabu print has been widely used in various types of garments including contemporary and traditional garments.  

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    Earlier bagru print was used in making sarees, ghagras, odhnis, and pagris however, today this traditional technique has found its way into various segments of products including home furnishing, accessories, and clothing. Among its many uses in the apparel market, Bagru print is nowadays used on shorts too. Bagru print shorts are cotton handmade with bagru hand block printing technique. The printing has been done with natural colors and organic floral patterns. Block printing shorts are a great way to feel comfortable in the scorching heat during the summer season while looking stylish. You can buy different types of bagru block printing shorts from iTokri.

    Typically the colors used in bagru print are made using natural dyes. The most common two colors used for printing are red and black. The base color of Bagru prints is off-white. At first, natural dyes such as madder, indigo, pomegranate rind, turmeric, etc. were used as coloring agents. Natural dyes have several advantages over chemical dyes, such as being plentiful and non-polluting. The dye bath water is usually recycled to irrigate green vegetables and grains in vegetable gardens such as peas and wheat.

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    1. What is Bagru block printing?

    Block printing with natural colors is called Bagru print and is done by the Chippas (who have been involved in fabric printing tradition for more than a century) in Bagru, India. Bagru prints are renowned around the world. Contrary to other prints, the Prints of Bagru involve a unique printing technique.

    2. What is Bagru famous for?

    Bagru is known for its wooden hand block prints. Known as bagru prints, these prints are recognized across the world and used in various ways. Its versatility has also allowed entering different product lines such as garments, furniture, etc. 

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