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Meenakari Bangles

Meenakari Work Bangles And Its Beauty

The best part about our culture is we have so many little practices and routines. For example, are you even ready for the wedding season or wear ethnic clothing if you don’t have the right accessories? If you are also in a frenzy about all the weddings you will have to attend and want to look your very best, why not take it up a notch by getting yourself Meenakari Work bangles!

Meenakari Bangles Along With Its Existence

Meenakari work bangles are statement pieces that are understated yet complete your look. They are usually work in pairs and are silver, with colorful details. If you are looking for bangles online, you have come to the right place. iTokri offers a variety of meenakari work bangles online that are appropriate for all occasions. If you are looking for statement pieces to wear with your sarees or for gifting options for a loved one, these bangles are a perfect choice. You will also be helping by directly contributing to the income of the artisans who are trying so hard to keep this art alive. In today's sustainability and ethical fashion world, iTokri is the way to go if you want to make some changes yourself.

Why iTokri 

iTokri is the most trusted place for you if you are looking to support the crafts of India and be sustainable when it comes to fashion. Apart from Meenakari work bangles, we also have bracelets, anklets, hair accessories that have Meenakari work done on them. If you are looking to revamp your entire wardrobe to go on for the long run, then iTokri is the place to visit. From all kinds of  fabrics online to getting  masks online, iTokri is the place for everything. We have materials that range from cotton and linen to silk of all types. Apart from clothes, we also have a wide range of handbags and jewelry that you should check out. 

You should check out our collection of  jamdani silk sarees that you can pair with  bagh print blouse fabrics to look effortless and graceful. You can also pair it up with these Meenakari work bangles to create a classic, timeless look.  


  1. What do you mean by Meenakari work?

Meenakari work refers to painting surfaces of metals and ceramics via enameling. Paint is laid upon the surfaces in intricate ways and left to rest. 

  1. Which state is famous for Meenakari?

Jaipur is the hub of Meenakari work. You can find it in jewelry, paintings, and numerous castles and museums.

  1. How many types of Meenakari are there?

There are two types of Meenakari Work. One of them is called "Ek rang khula" which means you use only color on the jewelry, whereas the second one is known as "panchrangi Meena," which uses five different colors as the name suggests in the Meenakari work.