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    Phulkari Stoles

    The History Of Phulkari Art

    Phulkari’s history dates back to the early 19th century period, where cultural practices were shared and pretty common. Women, despite their religion, would generate and wear these embroidered fabrics. In a traditional manner, the embroideries were made using stencils. They were worn during ceremonies and other special occasions such as during weddings, childbirth and other rituals. They were used as shawls,odhinis (headcloth) and were also draped over wooden cots for seating for guests. Apart from that, they were also used as home decoration items and were found in religious places like temples and gurudwaras. Phulkari work is made using untwisted floss silk yarn and the embroidery is done onkhaddar (a coarse plain-woven cotton cloth) using a darning stitch which is one of the most common techniques. Bagh, Darshan Dwar, Chope and Subhar, Sainchi, Ghunghat bagh, Tilpatra, Neelak and Chammas are some of the traditional types of Phulkari work. In modern times, the works have encompassed in the form of embroidered stoles, shawls and long scarfs.

    Traditional Phulkari Designs Only At iTokri!

    Phulkari artwork hails from the state of Punjab and is a form of embroidery technique traditional to the state. The word ‘phulkari’ literally translates to flower work or floral work and that is visible in the patterns of embroidery of phulkari work. However, apart from flowers and floral patterns, it also encompasses geometrical designs and motifs created from imagination or by taking inspiration from one’s surroundings. At iTokri, you will find some of the most traditional phulkari designs with heavy embroidery patterns. Our Phulkari dupatta designs encase traditional patterns that are embroidered by hand. We can assure you that you will find some of the best phulkari embroidered stoles online at our website promising the best quality and authenticity of this unique folk embroidery coming from Punjab. Also, check out ourcotton stole for ladies in different folk arts, embroideries and prints that will surely make you want to add these pieces to your wardrobe. 

    Here’s What Makes iTokri So Special!

    We house a range of creative handicrafts and handmade products that have been curated by skilled artisans pan India. Each product encompasses the stories, cultures and traditions of our diverse country and shapes them into a form of innovation and creativity. We, as a platform, want nothing more than to promote this beautiful diversity and want you to be a part of this family too! We are your go-to handicrafts shopping place so rest assured and check out the varieties we offer as  bandhani tie-dye stole,  hand block printed stoles and other home and daily use products. Also never miss checking the beautiful  fabrics online from the best handloom and handcrafted store, iTokri. Eco-friendly and definitely your personal style-friendly, so what’s better than that?


     1]  Which state is famous for phulkari work?

    Phulkari work is the traditional folk embroidery hailing from the state of Punjab which is famous for this work.

    2] Why is phulkari embroidery famous?

    Phulkari is a handmade and traditional technique of embroidery of Punjab and depicts flowers, geometrical shapes and motifs inspired by daily life like animals, scenes and the likes which makes this form of embroidery famous. 

    Buy Phulkari Crafts Online

    Shop from the iTokri’s exclusive collection of Phulkari embroidered sarees online that will make heads turn at every event. You could also explore and buy  Phulkari embroidered fabrics  that will make gracious outfits. Give your suits and Indian dresses a traditional and classic touch with these authentic  Phulkari embroidered dress material  online? Level up your suits and dresses with these best  Phulkari embroidered dupattas. You could also check out the beautiful  Phulkari embroidered crafts of India and give your house a little traditional touch.

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