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Multi Utility Handmade Wall Pouch Hangers

Handcrafted Wall Organizers from iTokri

Wall organisers are an excellent way to keep your home or business organised. These pieces have a certain charm about them that enhances the aesthetics and effectiveness of most décor. Of course, the organisation is always a must, but you can do it in elegance with wall organisers. For example, hanging lovely clipboards on the wall might serve as a wall organiser! Scrap paper, spray paint, or washi tape can be used and then hung with tiny nails. The trick is to clear your work areas of papers, mail, streamers, key, and other items.

On the iTokri website, you can choose from a variety of handcrafted wall organisers. These wall organisers are created entirely of organic materials and add to the beauty of the wall. On iTokri's website, you may shop safely and securely. iTokri provides simple worldwide shipping as well as cash-on-delivery options. On iTokri, an Indian e-commerce portal, we may purchase Indian handicrafts and handloom items. iTokri is committed to preserving Indian culture by providing clients with all of these eco-friendly handicrafts.

Handcrafted Products from iTokri

1. 2 Pocket - Mirror Work Kutch Hand Embroidered Wall Hanging Letter Holder

Handcrafted kutch hand embroidery cotton wall hanging letter holder with mirror work. Kutch Stitching is a textiles and handicrafts characteristic art heritage of the indigenous group of Gujarat's Kutch area. With its intricate motifs, this needlework has made a significant contribution to Indian embroidery traditions. Embroidery is usually caused by women on textile materials in the form of a net using cotton or silk threads.

 2. 4 Pockets - Mirror Work Kutch Hand Embroidered Wall Hanging Letter Holder

Hand embroidered cotton wall hanging letter holder with mirror work from Kutch. Kutch Embroidery is a tribal community of Gujarat's Kutch district's handicraft and textile trademark art tradition. This embroidery has made a significant contribution to Indian embroidery traditions thanks to its intricate motifs. Women usually embroider on cotton fabrics in the form of a net with cotton or silk thread. Also, check the beautiful and unique wall clocks online from the best-handcrafted store.

 3. Handmade Butterfly Wall Pouch - 3 Pockets

Made from a variety of Kala cotton fabrics, this wall pouch hanger is handmade. This wall organiser is  79 centimetres in length, 20 centimetres in width, and weighs around  90 grams (approximately). Hands should be washed separately in cold water with mild/liquid detergents. It's best not to soak for too long.

 4. Ikat Fabart Cotton Stole by Stoles & Scarves

Stoles & Scarves offers a high-quality handwoven ikat cotton patchwork stole. This timeless stole is the perfect finishing touch for a laid-back ensemble.

Ikat (Ikkat) is a patterning colouring technique that uses a resistance colouring procedure similar to tie-dye on thread or warp threads before dyeing. Tailor-made, soulful garments textured with Indian handwoven materials.

 5. Pure Kosa Tussar Silk Handloom Jala Weave Saree

Master artisans from Chhattisgarh handloom a fine grade pure Kosa tussar silk Jala weave saree. Jala weaving is an inextricable and challenging procedure. Because each motif is made with precise count and arithmetic, developing motifs on the loom through weaving necessitated well-planned designs on graph paper. There are three renowned motifs in Jala weaving: flowery, lotus, and geometric shapes.

Tussar silk is renowned for its distinct texture, silk shine, and cotton-like feel. It's the best of both worlds, and it's excellent for any weather.


1. What is a wall organiser?

Wall organisers are a great way to stay organised in your home or office. These pieces have a special allure about them that adds to the aesthetics and functionality of most décor. Of course, the need for organisation is always present, but you may do so in style with wall organisers.

2. How do you make a hanging storage bag?

You'll need to measure and cut the fabric to build a wall organiser. Next, make the fronts of the pockets. Pockets should be trimmed. Make pockets with clear labels (optional). Glue the bags together. Finish with the trimming. Then, for hanging, add a ribbon.