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Handmade Wall & Desk Clocks

Handmade Wall Clocks from iTokri

Wall clocks serve as more than just timekeepers. These clocks do not just tell the time, but they also offer beauty and elegance to your home. Wall clocks aren't just for the living room anymore. Wall clocks can be placed in your bedrooms, kitchen, porch, or anywhere else you like. Wall clocks can also be used to commemorate memorable occasions, such as children's birth dates (clocks cease just at the time of birth), and can be exhibited with essential images. If you have an old clock that isn't working, this might be the right project for it!

You can choose from a wide range of handmade wall clocks from the website of iTokri. These wall clocks are 100% handmade from organic products, which enhances the beauty of the wall. iTokri offers hassle-free international shipping as well as cash on delivery. Moreover, we may buy Indian handicrafts and handloom items on iTokri, an Indian e-commerce portal. By presenting customers with all these eco-friendly handicrafts, iTokri is dedicated to safeguarding Indian culture.

Some Wall Clocks from iTokri

1. Mermaid Brown-Multicolor Hand-painted MDF Clock (L - 10in, W - 10in, H - 2in)

MDF rustic wood clock with a classic handpainted mermaid design. Odisha's top artists have handcrafted this piece. This is a one-of-a-kind decor piece that also functions as a clock. This handpainted wall clock is perfect for houses with an artistic or aesthetic bent. When necessary, clean with a clean, dry cloth. Avoid contact with water as well as other liquids. MDF wood wall clock with traditional handpainted design. Odisha's top artists have handcrafted this piece. This is a one-of-a-kind decorative piece that also functions as a clock. This handpainted wall clock is perfect for houses with an artistic or aesthetic bent. 

2. Hand Carved Loquat Wood Wall Clock (5 x 5 in)

Master artisans from Seelampur, Delhi, created this hand-carved wall clock out of genuine loquat wood. It includes a hook on the rear for convenient wall hanging and may also be used as a desk clock. This wall clock is  12.5 centimetres in length, 3.5 cm in width, and  12.5 cm in height and also weighs around  150 milligrams (approximately).

 3. Sukirti Handmade Collapsible Waste Paper Bin (9 x 10 in)

Handcrafted foldable waste paper container crafted of hardboard with hand printed natural cotton embellishment. Hexagonal in form (six-sided). This paper bin is  22 centimetres in length, 25 centimetres in width, and 31 centimetres in height and weighs around  640 grams (approximately). Also, check the beautiful  wall hanging home decor to renovate the beautiful room. 

 4. Tikuli Art Handpainted Wooden Wall Hanging (8 x 12 in)

Beautifully handcrafted MDF wood wall hangings/trivets with tikuli hand-painted miniature artwork depicting a typical day in the life of country ladies. (I used oil colours)

Tikuli is a rare and one-of-a-kind hand painting piece that dates back over 800 years and originated in Bihar, India. Explore the beautiful  hand-embroidery cushion covers,  Kantha cushion covers,  patchwork cushion covers, and make your living area unique and presentable. This art form is thought to have been inspired by the "tika'' or dot on a female's forehead. It's painted on hardboard with fine paintbrush strokes, lacquer, and bright colours, and it's frequently set against such a dark, dark backdrop for dramatic effect. In addition, the board becomes silicone-coated and waterproof as a result of the treatment. As a result, trays, coasters, jewellery, and wall-hangings are all becoming increasingly fashionable.


1. How To Choose A Good Wall Clock?

When selecting a wall clock, keep in mind that it should complement the furniture. Therefore, the wall clock you choose should go well with the rest of your living room's furnishings. Also, select the appropriate size, material, colour, and model according to your preferences.

2. Which clock is better for your living room?

For a living room, a square-shaped clock that is not large is preferable in keeping with the room’s design.