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Pots & Planters

Buy lovely planters and pots of various materials from iTokri’s home decor planters collections:

Pots are smaller in size in comparison to planters which are basically big garden pots. Pots are mostly used for house interior decorations, while planters are for outdoors. You will find the loveliest collections of flower and plant pots and planters on iTokri available at reasonable and low prices. iTokri’s collections of garden pots and planters are immensely gorgeous and vibrant.

Planters are huge plant pots that have irregular and often rectangular shapes. These large outdoor flower pots can hold up to multiple flower plants, shrubs, and succulents, creating a mini garden for you.

Buy brass pots and planters, pottery ceramic pots, wooden flower pots, Handcrafted Madhubani pots, and many more online on iTokri and get great deals on these garden essentials and home decors.

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Why should you choose iTokri?

iTokri offers you exciting deals on attractive authentic Indian products online. Not only are all products handmade and sturdy, but our collections proudly showcase the exclusive selection of the most gorgeous and glamorous Indian wears, sculptures, artworks, jewellery, and other products.

iTokri products, weaves, fabrics, crafts, and accessories are elegant, regal, and traditional. They are handmade by artisans and craftsmen of rural and Tribal India. These gorgeous products are wonderful in looks and authentic in build.

iTokri also offers the best delivery services that deliver not only all across India but also internationally. So send your loved ones living abroad a heartfelt and memorable gift on occasions and festivals. iTokri delivery services ensure no contact delivery and follow safety measures for our customer’s protection.


  • What is the difference between pots and planters?

Pots and planters have a difference in their size and shape. Whereas pots are smaller and often round in shape, hold one plant per pot, planters, on the other hand, have a rectangular shape that fits more than one plant.

  • What do you fill plant planters with?

Planters can be filled with multiple plants and shrubs to create a mini-garden lookalike.