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Bead Work Jewelry & Accessories

Buy Beautiful Beadworks Jewellery from iTokri

Beadwork arts and crafts are intricate and beautiful. Check out iTokri’s gorgeous collection of beadworks products and be enraptured by the exquisite craftsmanship that goes into creating them. Beadwork uses beads on a string or thread and sews them on the cloth or fabric to make designs or patterns. Beadwork craft is also used to attach beads to metal jewelry, adding to its beauty. Beads of various shapes and sizes are used popularly in jewelry, decoratives, or sculptures. There are a great variety of beadworks like bead embroidery, bead knitting, or bead crochet. There are also many types of beads used in the products at iTokri like sea glass beads, glass crackle beads, wooden beads, ceramic beads, terracotta beads or seed beads, etc. 

Every bead used in our products is beautiful to look at and has different significance and use. Indian beads and bead embroidery have an exciting history and meaning. Beadwork is an ancient form of art that initially flourished in Gujarat, India. Gujarat beadwork is easily recognizable and has a prominent place in Indian culture, fashion and accessories. Beads have tremendous significance in religions like Hinduism, where Rudraksha prayer beads have healing and meditative powers.  

Various beads are unique and popular in India, like Kashmiri, lac, Meenakari, Jaipuri beads. These beads are used in  India’s famous beaded jewelry, embroidered saris, different fabrics, and decoratives. In addition, natural and Jaipuri beads made of seeds of trees, sandalwood, tulsi wood, or stones are often used as prayer beads.  In India, beads are a splendid addition to Indian fashion wear and are used to make different kinds of jewelry, bracelets, dupattas, hair clips, and even purses and shoes. Explore bead embroidery on  Indian bridal wear at iTokri. Check out saris, lehengas, and traditional bead works on unique blouses and beautiful addition to your wardrobe.  

Bead Handicrafts on iTokri

Handmade beadwork embroidery on fabrics and accessories available at iTokri is beautiful and artful. The beadwork collection from the artisans in India is now available on iTokri, where the gorgeous pieces of handmade jewelry bring out the traditional beauty of Indian art and craft. Today, handmade bead  earrings and intricately handcrafted  necklaces from iTokri are a fashion statement that embraces the culture and significance of beads and jewelry in India. iTokri is inarguably the best online store for authentic handmade products, ordered and shipped internationally. Choose among the gorgeous and exquisite collection of beadwork earrings and necklace jewelry, and other beadwork products like hair clips, anklets, coasters, or wall hangings. Buy authentic and excellent quality products from iTokri and experience the beauty of traditional India and her rich culture through Indian fashion and accessories. 


Some of the frequently asked questions are:

  1. How is beaded jewelry made?

Beadwork is an exciting and famous traditional method of introducing beads in fabrics and accessories. Making gorgeous, intricate handmade beaded jewelry is a skill passed down from generation to generation and is a legacy for the artisans that needs to be preserved. The beads are stringed or threaded together by using a sewing needle or a beading needle.  Several types of stitch works are employed to create beautiful jewelry pieces, like the ladder stitch that is popular for bracelets and necklaces, spiral rope stitch using tiny beads to make beadwork earrings, or peyote stitch using tiny beads like seed beads, etc. for necklaces and bracelets. 

You can explore the gorgeous collection of handmade beaded earrings and handcrafted beadwork necklaces on iTokri, the best online Indian store for authentic handmade Indian products. Itokri provides international shipping as well. 

  1. What is the process of making beadwork jewelry?

The process begins with choosing the perfect bead for making handmade beaded jewelry. Each bead type has a spiritual or a general meaning and different uses. 

  • The essential supplies are to create beadwork jewelry, beading needles, stretch cords, wires, glue, and bead stoppers. 
  • Stitching them and giving shape to the desired type of jewelry piece is a delicate craft. There are various types of stitch work with different styles and uses. Spiral rope stitch, even counts peyote stitch, odd count peyote stitch, ladder stitch, herringbone stitch, brick stitch, etc., are just a few of the multiple techniques of stitches used to make beadwork items. 

Beadwork jewelry is a well-loved and popular craft.  Wearing beadwork is trendy, not only in India but also in many other parts of the world. Buy beadwork earrings and necklaces online at iTokri, the most trusted online Indian store for handmade, authentic products.

  1. Are these jewelry handmade?

Yes. iTokri is famous as the most trusted Indian shopping site for authentic handmade, traditional Indian products like saris, jewelry, outfits, fabrics, and unique Indian art and crafts, all handmade, handcrafted, and hand-painted by artists of rural areas from all across the country, who keep alive the traditions and customs of making these trademark Indian products and unique arts and crafts. 

Buy the most beautiful handmade beadwork earrings and necklaces from an exquisite collection presented by iTokri.