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    Pure Banarasi Sarees

    All About The Beautiful Indian Banarasi Sarees!

    Even though the saree world has evolved so much with time, Banarasi sarees have always managed to maintain their charm. Varanasi city has played a significant role ...

    All About The Beautiful Indian Banarasi Sarees!

    Even though the saree world has evolved so much with time, Banarasi sarees have always managed to maintain their charm. Varanasi city has played a significant role in providing the world with elegant handloom banarasi sarees. The elegance of Banarsi sarees is incomparable to any other sarees. Banarsi sarees have unique features that make them stand out from the rest. It is known for floral motifs, jhalar border, and gold/zari/silver handwork. It is often decorated with hand made embroidery and Mughal inspired designs. At iTokri, you will find various exclusive designed banarasi sarees online. You will have your heart melt at iTokri’s collection. 

    Buy Handloom Banarasi Saree Online From Itokri!

    A banarasi saree is a trend in itself. It can never get old and out of style, so treat yourself with these gorgeous sarees:

    1. Banarasi Zari Buti Cotton Saree: This beautiful red and green coloured cotton saree decorated with zari buti is the perfect addition to your wardrobe. The saree is made with pure love incorporated with woven motifs. 
    2. Banarasi Zari Buti Cotton Saree: A saree made with shades of blue colour and a simple design is your pick for this wedding season. Pair it with your stunning jewellery and feel pretty on all occasions. 
    3. Banarasi Zari Buti Cotton Saree: A pure cotton saree from Banaras made with bright colours, green and pink are ready to solve your traditional attire problem. One of the best zari buti cotton saree you would find online. 
    4. Banarasi Zari Buti Cotton Saree: Treat yourself with this glossy and shining multi-coloured banarasi saree. Its beautiful print and vibrant colours add to its elegance and beauty. Pick this saree for yourself or gift it to your female family members or friends, but this saree deserves to be styled in the best way possible.
    Banarasi Saree Is Best For Every Occasion

    Indian women have a strong preference for banarasi sarees, and everyone is enamoured with its lustrous beauty. Ladies of all ages, religions, and ethnicities enjoy Banarasi sarees. It conveys your sophistication and refinement on any occasion. Despite their reputation as a traditional garment, Banarasi sarees are regarded as one of the greatest bridal attires ever. You may find a variety of Banarasi sarees online, including some you may not be familiar with. You may find four Banarasi sarees in this post that are internet must-haves. These lovely Banarasi sarees feature a flattering shape that makes them suitable for both bridal and traditional wear.

    When we mention a Banarasi saree, the first image that pops into our heads is a woman elegantly wearing the saree for a significant and auspicious occasion. One of the most well-known and well-known in north India among sarees is the banarasi silk saree. Every time there is a wedding in a family, the bride must wear a banarasi silk saree, which is regarded as very lucky.

    A single handwoven saree typically takes three to six months to complete; but, because of technological advancements, this time has been cut in half to a few days. Varanasi, where the fabric first appeared, gave the sarees its name; the weaver created them using manual tools. Heavy golden embroidery is common on these sarees, particularly on the borders and pallu.

    No bridal shopping is complete without Banarasi sarees. To complete a new wardrobe, a saree is a must-have purchase. The Banarasi sarees can now be purchased online. Itokri is one such website that offers a huge variety of silk sarees that too at affordable prices. 

    Why Choose iTokri?

    Our wide range of traditional and ethnic saree will blow away your mind. We are one of the most trusted handloom saree stores online in India. Our saree will make you stand out from the crowd and make your personality more charming. We are also the best place to buy several  banarasi work products like  banarasi dupattas,  banarasi fabric,banarasi dress material,  banarasi stoles,  banarasi cushion covers,  banarasi silk fabric, and  banarasi silk suit materials. So get yourself some beautiful products!


    Why is the Banarasi saree famous?

    Banarasi saree is famous because of the excellent handwork, heavy and rich designs and natural silk they have on them. They are loved by all Indian women and have been recognised for years now. 

    Is banarasi silk natural silk?

    Yes, they are made from pure silk threads woven through an intricate process. Since they are made of pure silk, they tend to be expensive. 

    How is Banarasi silk different from other silk sarees?

    A Banarasi sari is one that was created in Varanasi, a historic city also known as  Banaras. The saris are among the best in India, and they are renowned for their luxurious needlework, exquisite silk, and gold and silver brocade, or zari.

    In which state Banarasi saree is famous?

    The Uttar Pradesh city of Varanasi is where Banarasi sarees are created. They are among the best traditional sarees in India and are very heavy due to their elaborate needlework, making them perfect for celebrations, weddings, and other special occasions.

    Where did Banarasi weave originate from?

    The first Banarasi silk sarees were created in 1603 when weavers from Gujarat moved to Banaras under the rule of Emperor Akbar. The Banarasi silk saree was created with its traditional designs and is now admired for its high quality.

    How to care for banarasi sarees?

    Don’t wash your saree with soap at all when you first get it. 2-3 times in plain water to wash the saree. After that, quickly clean the saree with a very mild detergent. Avoid using a brush or lash on a saree because doing so will only cause the cloth to rip. Moreover, it is advised to dry and clean them.

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