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Crochet Rakhi by Samoolam

Choose Crochet Rakhi in this Festival Season

Raksha Bandhan is all about rakhi, gifts, sweets, and the sweet relationship between the brother and the sister. So thee sisters put a lot into buying the finest rakhi for their brother. Tying rakhi around the brother's wrist is a very important thing to do on the day of Raksha Bandhan. Rakhi is usually very well decorated and all glittery. But nowadays there are more factors that are being considered. And one such factor is the material with which the rakhi is being made. Most of the raw materials are plastic and other synthetic materials. People's preferences are evolving. The samoolam rakhi is also a trending rakhi option.

 They want to choose something that is good for them and also for the environment. They prefer natural, organic, and indigenous products that are safe.  With the small-scale industry and self-help groups gaining popularity, people are supporting and promoting them. They want to engage in guilt-free shopping i.e. knowing that buying a certain product will cause minimum damage to the environment.

In that sense, during this rakhi season, there are many types of rakhi that are found to be eco-friendly. They include rakhi made out of wood, seeds, flowers, paper, terracotta, macrame, crochet, etc.  Among all crochet rakhi designs online are the most popular choice.

What is a Crochet Rakhi?

The Crochet is a handicraft wherein a piece of fabric with some textures is made using a hooked needle and it is called a 'crochet hook'. The pattern or the texture is made by interlocking the loops of threads or yarns. Nowadays, in an effort to promote the recycling of things, many materials are used in making textures. They include old dresses, ribbons, tapes, etc. With the help of crochet, bags, purses, shawls, hats, etc. are popularly being made. In fact, crocheting has become a hobby for many people especially homemakers. In this way, crochet rakhi is made and are very popular these days. Rakhi with cartoon characters, floral designs, and sacred symbols are being made. To decorate these, wooden beads, silk threads, cotton yards, pieces of glasses or mirrors are woven along with the crochet designs. The patterns and textures in the crochet rakhi designs are very attractive and with the wise of threads, they also look very vivid. The crochet rakhi is plastic-free, handcrafted, and reusable.

 The crocheted design in the rakhi can be patched in another garment and hence they are repurposed. Those who do not know about crocheting can learn from many workshops and online tutorials that are very popular in this lockdown. DIY kits to do crochet designs are also available on many online websites. So by learning how crochet rakhi patterns are made, the sister can do an elegant crochet rakhi for her brother, and what is more special than a personalised DIY rakhi for your brother this rakhi season. You can also buy some colourful crochet rakhi online and make your siblings' day special.

Why Choose From iTokri?

You can include your brother's favourite character or sign in the crochet, which he can patch in one of the garments after the Raksha Bandhan celebrations. In this way, he will never forget the sister whenever he sees the crochet-patched garment. It is a common thing that rakhi have no use after the day of Raksha Bandhan. But with this intricately made crochet rakhi, no one will have the heart to just like that get rid of it but will want to use it in some other way. If you are away, you can also  send rakhi online from the iTokri  handicraft store and bring a smile to your brother’s face.

Many women are involved in small-scale industries and self-help groups in preparing the DIY kits and even do crochet rakhi; you can also opt for  recycled rakhi and  beadwork rakhi for a change.  This is becoming one of the famous handcrafted works these days. Hence, by purchasing these crochet rakhi kits, you help in empowering women.