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Wooden Engraving Rakhi

Celebrate The Festival of Rakhi with Wooden Engraving Rakhi

The festival of Rakhi is very popularly celebrated in the northern parts of India. It is to glorify the brother and sister bond. It usually falls in the Shravana month of the Hindu calendar, i.e. the month of August. The specialty of this festival is the rakhi that the sister purchases for the brother, which she will tie in her brother's wrist. There are various rakhis to choose from, and it is decorated with colourful strings and beads; the most unique is wood rakhi and engraved rakhi designs. The sister also selects a gift to give her brother on that particular day. The sister performs aarti and pooja by presenting offerings to the deity. She prays for good health and wealth for her brother. Then on the brother's forehead, she applies a tilak. As sweets are an essential component of any Indian festival, the sister feeds some sweets to her brother, symbolising that the sister wishes for all sweet and good things in life for her brother. Then now, it is the brother's turn to make his sister happy. The brother gifts his sister all her favourite things like jewellery, dress, perfume, watch, etc. Hence in these ways, the sister and brother celebrate each other. As mentioned above, there are many types of rakhi available, and one such rakhi is the wooden engraved rakhi.

Will Wooden Engraved Rakhi Be Stylish?

Beads made out of wood are one of the classic kinds. They give a vintage touch to the rakhi, which makes it very stylish to look. Engravings can be done manually and also by the use of technology. Technology nowadays is adding more beauty to wooden beads. The engravings can be anything, and they can be a flower, a sacred symbol like Om, Sree, Swastik, some god's figure, or even your brother's name. Engravings are being done to the wooden beads to enhance their look. By using technology, sometimes the wooden beads can be polished and made to look shiny, which is almost similar to the glossiness of any gemstone or glass. The wooden beads can then be attached to a suitable thread and be transformed into a fashionable rakhi. Another unique thing about a wooden engraved rakhi is that the colour of the wood is natural. Different kinds of woods have different shades of colour. Hence, the colour adds elegance to the rakhi, checks out hand-carved rakhi online, and surprises your sibling.

How Will The Wooden Engraved Rakhi Match Your Brother's Taste?

The uniqueness of wooden rakhi is that it is very versatile and will go with any style your brother chooses, be it traditional or western. If your brother is into nature and stuff, this is the apt rakhi you will enjoy wearing. The wooden rakhi is a straightforward one and does not require any added decoration to look elegant. This will signify your brother's simplicity and classiness. Do check out  rakhi by samoolam, and your sibling will love it.

The wooden rakhis are personalised, meaning they can be customised according to their brother’s taste. For example, the word carving can be associated with the brother’s favourite symbol, favourite god, or the wood colour can be of the brother’s favourite colour. The  recycled rakhi is the best option. There are also other options like  natural seed rakhi,  Miharu’s rakhi designs, and many more

Besides, the other good reason to purchase a wooden rakhi is that it is light in weight, it does not get tarnished easily, so it is straightforward to maintain them. this may be because it is naturally made. They are also long-lasting, and this symbolises the ever-lasting relationship between the brother and sister. Moreover, it is also very cheap. Money can be saved to buy other associated rakhi gifts for your brothers like a watch, perfume, glasses, wallets, belt, and other men's accessories.

Wooden engraved rakhi is the best choice of rakhi you can give your brother during this rakhi season. Many wooden rakhis are available with different shapes and colours available on the online purchasing websites exclusively for Raksha Bandhan. So every time the brother looks at this beautifully engraved rakhi made out of wood, he will recollect all the sweet moments with his sister.