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    Buy Wall Hangings Online at iTokri

    Home décors elevate your home’s beauty to a new level. They help you add more colour...

    Buy Wall Hangings Online at iTokri

    Home décors elevate your home’s beauty to a new level. They help you add more colour and vibrancy to your ambience, helping you make your house look more aesthetic. Wall hangings are one such type of home décor that helps lift the look of your walls and makes them stand out even more. Unfortunately, you can find such a vast collection online that sometimes you will get confused about which ones to pick. Finding the right one that packs in every bit of artistry while also prevailing its quirkiness might be difficult. But you don’t have to worry any longer. At iTokri, you will find a variety of creative wall hangings online, handmade in different styles, designs and patterns to suit every taste. Our handmade decor items list consists of handmade stuffed hangings, and hand-painted Christmas themed ornaments, hand-carved wooden wind chimes, and so much more! Beadwork felt and paper, hand felted, and hand-painted designer wall hangings are all waiting to join your home collection today. Your pick is sure to leave your guests amazed by the stunning pieces you will adorn your walls with, so what are you waiting for?

    iTokri’s Exclusive Handmade Home Decor Products

    Your search for creative and innovative handmade home décor products far and wide is now over because, at iTokri, we house some of the most exclusive items. So whether you are looking for something to accentuate the beauty of your house or finding the perfect gifting option for your next housewarming party, you will find some of the best options here. We can assure you that our products will instil emotions of authenticity and tradition so you can sit back and fill in your carts with the items that catch your eye, and we will have them delivered to your doorstep for you to be excited over.

    How To Pick A Wall Hanging For Your Home

    It is indisputable that wall tapestry may enhance the room's appearance and serve as helpful visual stimuli in a home. Although furniture makes a house functional, wall hangings like wall paintings or wall hangings give it character and a feeling of style. Picking the right combination of home decor wall hanging can be a little confusing especially if you are not some artsy person. Wondering what are the correct steps you need to follow to choose the perfect handmade wall hanging for your home? Read on to learn more about it:

  • Size matters:
  •  When choosing wall art, it's important to consider the size of the item as well as the vacant wall or free space. It only needs a lovely image, poster, or artwork, but not when the proportions are incorrect and completely upset the harmony of the space.

    Prepare your hunt with a dimension in mind; this will make it simple for you to sort through the alternatives. Prior to making a purchase, it's crucial to think about positioning because it will affect the size you require.

    Size remains an important factor to take into account if you want to use several works of art to adorn an entire space. Begin with the big items and fill in any spaces that occur as the space takes shape before moving on to the smaller parts.

  • Style:
  • You should consider how your wall hanging decor will integrate within your area when choosing wall art because your home probably already has a defined style and perspective.

    Whether it's contemporary, classic, coastal-chic, or quirky, the wall art you select may accentuate and perfect your home's design, so make an informed decision! If you know what will suit the entire style and vibe of your home, you can find something on iTokri, whether it's abstract paintings, hangings, lamps, or wall plates

  • Colour:
  • Finding works that complement the colour schemes already present in your house is a further strategy that is frequently employed when choosing wall art. Although we're not requiring fans of minimalist, neutral decor to mirror those same sentiments in every piece of art they buy, it's a nice place to start when looking for something you like and that would look great in space.

    The first strategy for choosing wall decor by colour is to employ accent colours. There are two main methods for doing this. Choose one or two colours that are currently existing in the space and let them influence the type of art you choose. Consistency is produced as a result, and the end product is a cogent, smart, and modern wall-hanging design. 

    Great Range Of Wall Decor Available At Itokri

    At iTokri we have a large collection of wall hangings online. Filled with an end number of options you can find the ideal wall decor item for your house. Our great collection includes items like wall frames, metal decor, paintings, christmas ornaments, wall plates, embroidery wall hangings, kutch bells, wool geometric fringed wall hangings, wind chimes, and many more things. Our options are endless so be ready to spend a good amount of time shopping for your wall decor items. 

    iTokri Wall Decor Items Are Perfect For Gifting

    Once adorned with interior décor items, each wall acquires a distinct personality of its own. Some individuals enjoy having framed artwork or prints on their walls, while others enjoy having blinking lights covering the edges of their walls. Therefore, it is accurate to claim that wall décor gifts are much sought-after and among the safest gifts, particularly for events like housewarmings, wedding anniversaries, etc. Buy wall decor online from iTokri to give budget-friendly yet unique gifting to your friends and family.

    Why Is iTokri Your Best Choice Out Of All?

    We at iTokri celebrate creativity and innovations and value customer satisfaction and happiness. We give artisans all over India a platform to showcase their skills and tell their stories through creativity and experiences. Our products are not just made out of the materials they require, and they are interwoven with authenticity, innovation and quality. We want you, our dear customers, to be a part of this unique family too! So look out for our gift sets online,  handmade beadwork torans,  new year greeting cards and fabrics online, all curated just for you. We deliver all across the country, so get your shopping done online without hassles!


    1] What are the handmade home decor items list?

    Handmade home decor items list includes a range of iTokri's home decor products from wall hangings, torans, lamps, handmade photo frames and much more.

    2] How unique are the handmade wall hangings?

    Each handmade wall hangings at iTokri are made by skilled artisans, each showcasing their talents coming from all over the country, so you get a variety to choose from. So, look no further and buy home decor hangings online today.

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