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    Measuring Tapes

    The Best Printed Multipurpose Measuring Tape 2021

    Measuring tapes are a creator's best friend! Whether you need them to measure fabric or to plan home improvement or simply do a Do-It-Yourself project, tape measures are indispensable tools in your arsenal. They are available today in various types and styles, each catering to a specific purpose and job. So it can be daunting to figure out which one suits your needs. But why clutter your toolbox with too many measuring tapes when just one versatile one can solve all your problems?  That’s right, we at iTokri have come up with the best printed multipurpose measuring tape suitable for all purposes.

    Browse through our collection of these magnetic measuring tapes and order yours today! These durable and robust measuring tapes are covered in printed cotton fabric of beautiful designs inspired by India’s traditional arts and crafts. Our measuring tapes are handcrafted by local artisans and checked for accuracy and precision. Easy to use and clean, these measuring tapes will add a breath of fresh air to all your creative projects. 

    Make Your Clutches and Wall Frames with our Block Printed Measuring Tape

    Designing and creating new things stimulates your mind in beautiful ways. So let your creativity flow and surround yourself with attractive and eye-catching stuff that you’ve made yourself. This tape comes with a cloth cover of hand block printed fabric with different patterns and colours. Also explore the beautiful collections of  wall hangings,  clutches and  wall clocks from iTokri.

    Buy Measuring Tape from iTokri

    Buying measuring tapes online can now be a fun task. Purchasing tape measures online gives you a chance to look at numerous varieties in just one place. At iTokri, you get an opportunity to buy it online with our assurance of quality and artistry. To buy measuring tapes online, you can visit the official website of iTokri and buy measuring tapes of your desired size and block print.


    Here are some of the frequently asked questions:

    1. What is the purpose of measuring tapes?

    A measuring tape is an essential tool used in almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives. By the simplest definition, a measuring tape is used to measure the distance between any two points over a short distance. They are used by tailors, seamstresses, interior designers, architects, carpenters, metal workers, handypersons, plumbers, and every other professional who relies on accurate measurements for their work. Homeowners also use them frequently to plan home decor and to verify dimensions while buying furniture.

    2. How accurate are measuring tapes online?

    Measuring tapes purchased online are just as accurate as the tapes purchased offline from a physical store, as all measuring tape manufacturers have to ensure precision and accuracy during fabrication. The only thing to ensure is that your tape has a hook at the end, as this makes it easier to use the tape by yourself when you don’t have someone holding the other end.

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