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Natural Dyed Dupattas

Buy Beautiful Natural Dyed Dupattas Online from iTokri

Natural dyes refer to dyes which are derived from plants, minerals or invertebrates. They are majorly vegetable dyes from plants like berries, bark or leaves etc. If history is seen, people have dyed their textiles with the help of common locally available materials but the discovery of synthetic dyes around the mid 19th century led to a decline in the market for natural dyes as they support in quick production or production in bulk. In the 21st century, a resurgence of natural dyes has been seen as consumers have become more woke regarding the health and environment aspect when it comes to synthetic dyes. iTokrihandicraft online store has bought a gorgeous range of naturally dyed dupattas online or designer natural dyed dupattas including natural dyed silk dupattas online or hand block printed Chanderi silk dupatta reflecting a zari border with silk providing with natural temperature regulation, smooth feel or comfort, durability etc and zari border giving the dupatta an elegant look, we have partnered with haveli chronicles which is the best curative brand for providing beautiful products from the royal landscape of Rajasthan, at the most reasonable price with great quality of natural dye printed dupattas.