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Woolen Clothing on iTokri

Check out exclusive woolen clothing at the best handicraft store, iTokri. From accessories like stoles, shawls, mufflers to sweaters to wear; we have something for everyone. Stay warm and look stylish with our selection of high-quality products made from 100% pure woolens. Order now!

Beautiful Woollen Clothing at iTokri

Winter calls for warm and comfortable clothes that can help you sustain against the cold weather and not harshly feel the icy winds. But you also want to make sure your style game matches with the season, don’t you? Woollen clothing is the best answer to your ‘what should I wear this winter to keep me warm?’ ‘Can I get something winter-worthy yet stylish?’ questions. At iTokri, we have an exquisite range of woolen clothing that you can check out, which is sure to fit both - your budget and your style! Traditional handwoven materials encasing the textiles and culture of the region they are harbored from can never go wrong with your style game. What’s an added benefit is, you get to reap the reward of having a winter-ready wardrobe, or, even, generally speaking, you get to have a drool-worthy outfit to go whenever you want!

iTokri’s Handcrafted Embroidered Shawls

Who doesn’t love being draped in a lovely shawl that keeps you warm all the time? At iTokri, we have this loveliness crafted into our range of embroidered shawls, each being traditionally made with different techniques and beautiful designs you will love to try. Getting an authentic embroidered wool shawl online might be something that worries you a little, but with us, you can leave them to rest. Especially when you want a detailed Indian wool shawl embroidered that retains all the intricacies you are looking for in one garment.  We house some of the most authentic woolen shawls online to the best quality assurances. So check our diverse range of woolen shawls and find your best pick today. Also, look for our other products like mufflers for winter to add to your woolen collection.

Gear Up For Winter Season In Style

Are you looking for some fantastic stoles, shawls, mufflers, or socks? Then you are at the right place! Browse through our collection to find some of the chicest items that you will ever find online. Sourced from pure wool and encasing some gorgeous designs, you will have all the heart eyes for them. Find some fantastic  handwoven shawls,  winter stole,  warmers,  woolen scarves,  mufflersat iTokri that are among the most beautiful hand-knitted woolen online you will ever stumble upon. We also have woolen fabrics infused with traditional handloom techniques while keeping in mind the ever-evolving contemporary trends to give you the best of both worlds. Handspun wool with a soft feel to it that does not itch or scratch your skin is something that tops off the list every time you look for woolen products. Our materials are soft and comfortable to wear without that annoying desire to scratch off the fabric.

Why Choose iTokri As Your Shopping Destination?

iTokri aims to celebrate creativity and innovation by giving a platform for India's vibrancy and creative spirit to glow and shine. We want to share the traditions of every region of this country and the stories they harbor and make it a space for everyone to partake in this beautiful process, so no one misses out on it. Our products showcase the authenticity, creativity, and diversity of our culture crafted by skilled artisans with exceptional talents and experiences in their field of work. So rest assured, because your wishes are of value to us.


  1. What items are included in woolen clothing?

Shawls, stoles, sweaters, and mufflers are the most common items seen in woolen clothing. You’ll find some best woolen clothing on our website so visit us today.

  1. How are woolen clothes made?

After turning wool into yarns, they are combed with smaller brushes consecutively (each increasingly more minor than the previous) through picking and carding processes and then dyed. Then they are spun into yarn, with each strand being thin and equal in size and twisted together to make a firm fabric.

  1. What are the different types of wool available?

There are around six to seven popular types of wool used in the commercial wool-making industry like Merino wool, Lambswool, Shetland wool, Cashmere, Alpaca, Mohair which are some commonly used types.