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Leheriya Tie-Dye Fabrics of Rajasthan

Order Mesmerising Leheriya Print Fabrics Exclusively From iTokri

Leheria is a traditional tie-dye craft practised in the Indian state of Rajasthan. This type of print has vibrant colours with distinctive patterns. Dyeing is done on thin cotton or silk fabric used for dupattas, sarees, turbans, etc. This art form derives from the distinctive wave patterns created on the material, usually made due to fanlike folds while dyeing. Additional dyeing using the leheria technique produces mothara. Mothara is made by removing the original resists, re-rolling the fabric, and then tying it along the opposite diagonal.  This results in a checkered pattern on the fabric.

Buy leheria fabrics online and add a dash of elegance to your look. This traditional print is widely popular across the world for its exquisite designs and detailing. Uplift your attire by wearing a beautifully handcrafted tie and dye fabrics of Rajasthan and make heads turn at every event. This handmade fabric reflects the handiwork and expert artistry of the local artists from diverse corners of our nation. We offer the best quality fabrics that are both durable and affordable. You can explore a wide range of bandhani leheriya fabrics and many other handmade fabrics that will be a great addition to your traditional wardrobe.

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Searching for the perfect gift on a special occasion for your mother, sister, daughter, wife, or any other loved ones might be confusing as well as overwhelming. Your search ends here, and now, you can order unique and heartwarming gifts online from the comfort of your homes with the help of iTokri. iTokri brings you an attractive collection of authentic bandhani leheriya print fabrics online. Pair a beautifully crafted leheriya print dupatta with your traditional Kurti or Anarkali and catch everyone’s eye. Celebrate Indian tradition and handicrafts by wearing leheriya print fabrics. 

If you’re looking for a perfect Indian outfit to wear at a particular function, wedding, get together, party or festival, this sophisticated traditional print is an excellent choice. The fabric is comfortable and stylish and comes in a variety of different designs and colours like orange, red, green, blue, yellow, white, etc. The best part about wearing handmade fabric is that it is dyed with natural colours and is completely eco-friendly. Leheriya print fabrics portray traditional Indian beauty and elegance through their vibrant colours and intricate designs.  Complete your look with beautiful handmade accessories such as  jewellery and  sling handbags.

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1. What is Bandhani print fabric?

Bandhani print is made by dyeing a piece of fabric using vibrant colours and different patterns by tying a few parts to not soak in colour. It’s the oldest form of tie and dye fabric made in Rajasthan. It is pretty popular all over the world due to its exquisite patterns and bright colours. 

2. Which state is famous for Bandhani lehriya fabrics?

The Indian state of Rajasthan is famous for bandhani leheriya fabrics. However, these are also made in Gujarat, Sindh, Punjab and Tamil Nadu. 

3. Why is this fabric so famous?

Leheriya is a unique fabric in Rajasthan and famous for its diagonal or chevron type patterns created by the tie and dye method.