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Incense Sticks

Buy The Most Organic And Environment-Friendly Incense Sticks Only From iTokri!

Incense sticks in India have been in practice for years in India. The incense sticks are used to produce a pleasant fragrance and remove negativity from the atmosphere; they are similar to incense cones. At iTokri, you will find the purest incense sticks online made from organic materials.  iTokri is the perfect place to find natural incense sticks online since it promotes recycled materials in incense sticks production. With thousands of happy customers, iTokri has been Indias one of the most trusted online stores. It provides the best quality of incense sticks in India.  

Check Out The Long List Of Finest Incense Sticks At Your Budgeted Prices Only At iTokri:

Take a look at this brilliant collection of incense sticks that can turn out to be the perfect way to sweeten up the atmosphere of your home or temple:

  1.  Natural Forest Wood Dhoop Sticks (Bamboo Less):  Curated with 100% organic love and a pinch of love, these dhoop sticks are best to loosen up everyone’s mood. Get it along with a free havan cup, making it a perfect match for a pooja. 
  2.  Natural Patchouli Incense Sticks:  Patchouli fragrance is famous for its calming and therapeutic properties. They are specially used during yoga, meditation, or other body-calming activity. Plus, it is entirely toxin-free and safe!
  3.  Geranium - Sri Aurobindo Ashram Natural Incense Sticks:  These are special hand-crafted incense sticks with the extracts of herbs, roots barks, and petals. All these materials are blended to bring out the magnificent fragrance. 
  4.  Sage- Natural Flora Incense 100 sticks:  Looking for other smells than those listed above? These Sage flavoured incense sticks are the best pick for a unique fragrance. It produces a rich aromatic fragrance perfect to create a spiritual atmosphere during religious ceremonies.
  5.  Dance of Shiva - Sri Aurobindo Ashram Natural Incense Sticks:  You definitely can leave without checking out this free of artificial fragrance incense sticks. Customised with the dance of shiva element, this is a must-buy product from the iTokri store. 

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Why Choose iTokri?

iTokri believes in building an innovative and creative community that supports local Indian artisans. iTokri has delivered thousands of happiness worldwide with efficient and timely delivery services. Its aim has helped build a customer base that it cherishes the most and is of utmost importance. Hence, buy incense sticks from iTokri to get a peaceful and safe delivery.


What are incense sticks good for?

Incense sticks are suitable for producing a rich aromatic fragrance in the air. They are said to elevate your mood and get rid of bad vibes from the atmosphere. In addition, they calm your body by relaxing your nerves. 

Which incense sticks are best?

Typically, all incense sticks are best; it depends on the smell you favour and like. Different flavoured incense sticks are available to produce the most pleasing fragrance, choose the one flavour you love and use it to get effective results.