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Handwoven Begumpuri Sarees of Bengal

The Eternal Beauty - Begumpuri Saree 

 Begumpuri sarees are fine cotton, loosely woven, with contrast borders and lightweight. Begumpuri sarees have their roots in the Dhakeshwari region in Bengal. And now they are handwoven in a small town of Bengal called Begumpur. The Begumpuri handwoven sarees are famous for their soft silky texture. It is handwoven with the help of a frame loom or a pit loom with a handloom mark on each saree. Begumpuri sarees are famous for their alluring and perfect craftsmanship using premium muslin and pure cotton. They have wide borders, attractive strips, bright and beautiful colour combinations. You can check out Begumpuri sarees online for an attractive price.

Beauty Of Begumpuri Saree

Begumpuri sarees are outstanding handwoven sarees suitable for all occasions. The Begumpuri saree weaving and making technique onsets with acquiring delicate cotton strings. Large bundles of cotton cords are obtained from the cotton manufacturers directly. The starch used for the making process is mainly rice, arrowroot, sage or wheat, which are pure and organic. All the materials are first appropriately rinsed to eliminate any dirt or chemicals. After a few washes, the fibre is dropped in steaming water with the desired colour for tinting on the grounds of hues, colour, and design. Finally, strings are stuck around on the bamboo drums to nourish them with the loom for weaving. This is somewhat similar to Kanchipuram handloom sarees.

Nowadays, sectional warping machines are employed to replace the old age method of traditional warping. Each Begumpuri saree is made by its Body, Pallu, and border. Design You can look for a handwoven Begumpuri saree online. Begumpuri sarees take approximately 10-12 hours to weave, but a complicated design takes 5-6 days to attain. The weavers were given training for making, designing, dying processes such as drum warping to obtain excellent Begumpuri sarees. Begumpuri sarees have designs made of wood that distinguishes them from others. You can also check the bindaas print saree, and it looks equally elegant and classy. Wooden dobbins and Jacquards are extensively used to get a thick warp design. Weavers weave Begumpuri Sarees with different borders of black, red, orange, purple, etc., emphasised by a serrated edge motif. Thin or broader walls are knitted with varied streaks and motifs using dyed cotton yarn. Don’t miss out on handwoven sarees online in India, which makes the best gift.

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  1. What is Begumpuri saree? 

Begumpuri sarees are hand-woven cotton sarees light in weight, woven loosely, with contrasting borders woven with a pit or handloom.

  1. What is Begumpuri cotton?

Begumpuri cotton sarees are high and pure quality cotton. They are traditionally hand-woven by craftspeople in the Begampur district of Bengal.