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    Bomkai Sarees

    Bomkai Silk Saree

    In the Ganjam district of Odisha, a small village with the name Bomkai originated the Bomkai saree that is a world famous handloom today. Before this, Bomkai was known for dates and cotton sarees

    Bomkai Silk Saree

    In the Ganjam district of Odisha, a small village with the name Bomkai originated the Bomkai saree that is a world famous handloom today. Before this, Bomkai was known for dates and cotton sarees(1). This handloom concept has been a part of this society since 600 B.C.

    This traditional handloom saree was produced in Bomkai before the production was later moved to Subarnapur. The technique applied remained the same, which guarantees the Genuity of the saree. With the shuttle pit and frame looms techniques used, the Sambalpuri bomkai silk saree is made with beautiful and unique patterns on high quality textiles. On the border of the bomkai silk saree, there is an extra wrap design, and the body has an extra weft design.

    The handloom designs on these bomkai silk sarees of Orissa are inspired by nature, and also created using nature’s products. These intricately designed silk sarees are worn by women all over India, and even the world.

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    iTokri brings you a wide selection of bomkai silk saree made with high-quality materials like silk and cotton. These genuine bomkai sarees can be set apart with their stylish borders as well as geometric and floral patterns. Made with bold and bright colours like red, green, black, blue, and white, it can be easily distinguished from other sarees.

    The bomkai silk saree goes through processes that are delicate and intricate from start to finish. Each piece of bomkai saree is made uniquely and carefully. iTokri brings you these sarees at reasonable prices made with the inclusivity of 70% female artisans. These bomkai silk sarees are environmentally friendly and pretty easy to care for once you know how.

    This handwoven saree is crafted for women of any class, caste, race, or creed. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own one or a few of these intricate bomkai silk sarees.

    Why Buy from iTokri?

    iTokri, as you already know it, has a wide and growing range ofbomkai silk sarees of Orissa in different patterns and colours. These sarees are made with natural products that make them hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. Made with high-quality materials like cotton, thesebomkai silk saree are comfortable and not to mention very stylish.

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    What is bomkai silk?

    Bomkai Silk is a fabric that originated from a village in a district of Odisha, India. Bomkai Silk Saree is very well known for its unique handloom patterns.

    Which state is famous for Bomkai saree?

    Bomkai saree is known to be produced in a district in Odisha. But later, the production was moved from the district of Bomkai to Subarnapur.

    How to care for bomkai silk sarees?

    Soak it in salt water for a short amount of time, and then rinse it out with cold water 2-3 times. Proceed to wash it with mild detergent, and wash it off quickly.

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