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    The Origin of Luxurious Handcrafted Banaras Silk

    No trousseau is ever complete without a Banarasi saree in tow. Known for its refined weaves, a Pure Banarasi silk saree is considered a prized possession. These vintage wea...

    The Origin of Luxurious Handcrafted Banaras Silk

    No trousseau is ever complete without a Banarasi saree in tow. Known for its refined weaves, a Pure Banarasi silk saree is considered a prized possession. These vintage weaves are known for these complex weaves done using pure silken threads called zari with luxurious silk in vibrant colours that speak for themselves. A highly authentic Banarasi is made by master artisans whose older generations have handed down the weaving skills. An heirloom, the Banarasi sarees have been passed over from mothers to daughters to be cherished by them. The Banarasi silk is so prestigious and ancient that the Mahabharata and the Jataka tales mention the delicate fabric. Once only adorned by the royal households, the Banarasi silk is the kind of fabric it exudes luxury and opulence. 

    Today, the Banarasi silk has evolved to cater to the modern man; however, the charm and magnificence have not faced one bit. Pure Banarasi silk is still revered for its charm and exquisite beauty. Adorned by many brides at their wedding, a pure Banarasi or Varanasi silk is a must-have for any new bride. The fabric has gained so much popularity that it has found many suitors for it in the western world. Banarasi silk fabric has also been the muse for many Indian designers who have introduced many new attires using this delicate fabric. Besides the Banarasi saree, people love wearing fabrics like Banarasi silk lehenga, suits and dupattas. Pure Banarasi fabric is also known as Katan silk, and it is made using the softest yet heaviest silk without using zari. Katan silk sarees are known for their purity and long shelf life. Usually adorned by floral motifs spread across the fabric, Banarasi Katan silk sarees and fabrics are expensive due to the labour-intensive weaving techniques done by master weavers in zari thread. 

    Types of Banarasi Silk Fabric

    Banarasi Silk Jamdani: One of the more expensive weaves, the Jamdani Banarasi saree is characterised by its translucent fabric with a similar pattern woven across the material. Interestingly, the design is woven using cotton thread and not zari in the Jamdani saree. Hence, it can also be called Cutwork Silk Saree. 

    Banarasi Jangla Saree: This is one of the oldest forms of Banarasi weaves. It is characterised by the gorgeous motifs inspired by its regional flora & fauna incorporated in gold and silverzarithread.

    Tanchoi Silk Saree: Tanchoi silk saree is known for its satin finish on the textured side of the fabric. A tanchoi sarees uses one of the most complex and technical weaving techniques that combine one or two warp threads and two to four weft colours. ATanchoiis known for its lightweight and softness. 

    Butidar Banarasi: Inspired by Mughal-era patterns, the Butidar orbuti (motif) saree has the same motifhandwoven all over the fabric using both silver and gold on the silk. 

    Banarasi brocade: Banarasi brocade is one of the most exquisite weaving styles. These fabrics have a raised motif that is made using a third yarn. There are two types of Brocades made in Banaras, Kadhua Banarasi Brocade and Fekuan Banarasi Brocade. In Kadhua Banarasi Brocade, each motif is made individually by a highly skilled weaver, whereas in Fekuan Banarasi Brocade, the motifs are spread across the fabric, running end to end. 

    Why Buy From iTokri?

    iTokri is India’s finest and most authentic handicraft artefacts with a beautiful collection of fabrics. All our products are directly sourced from master artisans and shipped to the customers to ensure that we provide the most authentic products. iTokri believes in building a long-lasting and trusting relationship with its customers across the globe. Our vast collection of Indian crafts, clothing, jewellery and accessories is unmatched online. We are your one-stop shop for  fabrics online,  handloom sarees, Diwali gifts, and many more. We take bulk orders too. 

    We have the finest collection of Banarasi silk fabrics. From cutwork jamdani to kinkhab brocades. You can use our top-quality materials to make lehengas, suits, masks, etc. iTokri also caters to international orders. 


  • What is Banarasi Silk Fabric? 
  • Banarasi silk fabric is one of India’s exquisite fabrics woven by master weavers. The weaving of brocades is done using gold and silver threads known as zari. Banarasi silk fabric is a fine mark of exclusivity and luxury with rich cultural history. It is characterised by woven but is or patterns that run across the saree.  

  • How is a Banarasi Silk Saree Made? 
  • Traditional Banarasi silk saree is made on handlooms and typically requires 3-4 master weavers to make one banarasi silk saree. However, many are produced with increased demand using power looms, or jacquard looms. An ideal banarasi silk saree contains 5600 thread wires woven according to patterns set by the master weavers. 

  • What is Banarasi Cotton Silk?
  • Cotton silk is a fabric blend between cotton and silk used to weave a Banarasi silk saree. Banarasi silk sarees are also available in Tussar silk, georgettes, cotton-silk and other silk blends. 

  • Where to Buy Pure Banarasi Silk Sarees? 
  • You can buy pure Banarasi sarees here at iTokri. We have the best collection of Banarasi silk fabrics and sarees directly sourced from artisans. 

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