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Tangaliya Handwoven Sarees

Beautiful Tangaliya Handloom Sarees at iTokri

Indian textiles are a beautiful mix of culture and tradition, and the country is a pioneer in several different handwoven textiles that are immensely famous all around the globe. Tangaliya handloom is one such intricate textile that is native to the Saurashtra region from the Surendranagar district of the state of Gujarat. It is about 700 years old, and this form of textile was commenced by the Dangasia community, a scheduled caste in Gujarat.

This technique involves a lot of precision and calculation and is very labour-intensive. Tiny dots or knots are woven on either side of the fabric using threads of contrasting colours. Before the knot has been tied, the weaver must count down the warp yarns. Otherwise, even a tiny error can result in the final design looking out of place. The patterns that are eventual of this weaving process are exquisite geometrical designs with white dots that are sharp against the fabric. The best part about Tangaliya handloom is that it lasts longer than you expect, and the weaves just integrate better with each wash.

Usually, Tangaliya handloom was used on shawls or wrap-around skirts by the women of the Bharwad shepherd community. Today, the traditions still prevail, with people from all over the world interested in this textile. Tangaliya Handwoven Sarees are also a famous style that we can find. At iTokri, you will find some of the best quality Tangaliya sarees online woven in pure old world organic cotton, which is a very light material. Rest assured that Tangaliya Handwoven Sarees Online at iTokri teaches the essence of Tangaliya with authenticity and creativity. Buy our bestselling Indigo Tangaliya Saree made out of Kala cotton, an original pure old world organic cotton. Adorn your wardrobes with our fantastic collection and make a bold fashion statement everywhere you go.

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1] What is Tangaliya handwoven sarees?

Tangaliya Handwoven sarees are crafted out of pure Kala cotton using the Tangaliya weaving technique native to the Saurashtra region of Gujarat.

2] Why handloom saree is expensive?

Handloom sarees are extremely labour intensive and require quite a few weeks to be made. A lot of talent and hard work of the artisans go into making each saree which is why these sarees are expensive.