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Bamboo Work Rakhi

Get The Best Bamboo Rakhis From iTokri

To all the brothers and sisters out there, what is your favourite occasion to celebrate every year? Is it Rakhi? Of course, it is! After all, what can be more beautiful than celebrating rakhi, take a dive into nostalgia and reminisce about those good old days when you grew up together! Brothers and sisters have a vital role to play in our lives. They are our best friends, even when we fight and argue a lot! When we are kids, we often think it would have been better if we were a single child! But we never really meant that from our heart, though. Even when we do fight a lot, even when we blame each other for everything, but after growing up, we realise that no one in this world can be a better friend and a listener than our siblings. After all, many people come and go from our lives, but some people stay forever, and our siblings are there to stay with us, support us, fight and laugh with us forever. Remember those days when you used to go to school together? And those times when you binged on Doraemon! Those days were truly blissful!

Now when we are all grown-ups, we often don’t find the time to sit with our siblings daily, talk to them, share everything that happened in a day, and just goof around with each other. Yeah, things do become challenging for us. In our hectic life, we just don’t have the time for anything. We do miss them a lot. Sitting and talking with them about life, work, and everything else would feel so good, but there’s no time in this busy world. But Raksha Bandhan can give all the brothers and sisters the chance to sit down and spend a day together, laughing and spending time with each other. Rakhi can be unique for all of those busy brothers and sisters. Rakhsha Bandhan just brings us closer, and that is the sweetness of this festival. 

This year, let us make this rakhi special. Let us celebrate it with a newfound motto of saving this world and staying more connected. Let’s make a promise to spread awareness of this rakhi by tying the  bamboo rakhi. We know that bamboo is eco-friendly, and unlike normal rakhis, which are not recyclable, eco-friendly bamboo rakhi can be a better and wiser option. This may not seem like a big deal, but always remember that small things make a difference. 

We were wondering where you can get bamboo work rakhi? Well, you are on the right platform. iTokri has a vast and alluring collection of bamboo rakhis and  bamboo Lumba rakhi designs, which will make you fall in love! Our splendid collection is inspired by the Maharashtrian tribes who have been using bamboo rakhis for a long time, and they made us realise that the world can be a better place if we start taking baby steps. So you should be a part of this great initiative as well. You can make a difference by spreading awareness and celebrating rakhi by purchasing these bamboo rakhis from iTokri. 

So, this year, be the change and say no to plastic. 

Get The Best Rakhi And Gifts From Itokri

iTokri has a marvellous collection of bamboo rakhis, but that’s not it. We have a vast collection of other varieties of rakhi as well, which includes  gota work rakhi,  recycled rakhi,  beads rakhi and a lot more. But, that’s not all! We, at iTokri, also have a massive collection of other great items as well. This includes outfits, accessories, home decor and a lot more. 

In outfit and clothing, we have sarees, suits, shawls, stoles, dress material, kurtas, and many more. In accessories, we have jewellery like necklaces, earrings, bangles and a lot more. For home decor, we have paintings, showpieces and a lot more things. Other accessories include bags, pouches, purses, key rings, and so much more. 

The designs of our items are so unique that they will surely mesmerise you! But, of course, the quality of the product is also marvellous, and you don’t have to worry about anything. 

With such gorgeous items, you would look unique and beautiful. 

Why Choose iTokri?

Well, there are multiple reasons to choose iTokri. The first being the fact that we have established ourselves as one of the most trustedonline shopping platforms in India. Wehave happy customers throughout the country. They are delighted with our services. The quality of the products is undoubtedly excellent, and you can rest assured in that matter. The designs are unique and mesmerising, and anybody will fall in love with the perfection of these items!

We have taken an oath to serve the best to our customers, and we will make sure that it is fulfilled, no matter what. We are trying to be better every day, and we always bring out the best that is available in the market to all our customers. We believe in maintaining cordial relations with all our customers, and we think that you all are a significant part of our family. So, we make sure to serve the best, always. 

Again, in this Covid situation, things have been hard on everyone. It has taken a toll on the artisans as well, who work so hard each day, just to bring out the best to all of you. It would be great to show a little generosity to them, which would be of great help. But, again, it will help all of us at the iTokri team as well. 

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these amazing rakhis today!


Some of the most frequently asked questions are:

1. What is bamboo rakhi?

Bamboo rakhis are very eco-friendly rakhis, fantastic because they are recyclable. They are made from very thin bamboo shavings. 

2. Is bamboo rakhi eco-friendly in nature?

Yes, bamboo rakhis are very eco-friendly. They are made from bamboo shavings which are recyclable and does not pollute the environment. 

3. Do bamboo rakhis look pretty? 

Yes. Bamboo rakhis look gorgeous and pretty, and they are unique as well.