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    Organic Kala Cotton Fabrics

    Everything You Want To Know About Kala Organic Cotton

    Kala cotton implies ‘black’ in a few Indian languages, constantly pointing to the misunderstanding that the cotton colour is black. Still, it certainly pertains to the clear boll after the cotton fibre extraction. Kutch Kala cotton fabrics have distinct factors such as the thick strain of Kala cotton is genetically authentic, which discriminates from that of the genetically revised cotton. Kala cotton is durable and resilient straight after challenging climate situations. Kala organic cotton is the most comfortable choice if you want your skin to feel good and super breathable. The Kala cotton has a wide variety of colour options and design preferences. Kala cotton is entirely rain-fed and usually thrives even in the arid condition, drought-prone regions of Kutch, where less than 40 cm of rainfall is sighted. Its excellent drought tolerance commits minimal pressure on insufficient water resources, which gives it extremely moisture productive. You can also buy Kala cotton fabrics online. Due to its small staple size, the fibre only grows to 20 and 22 mm, which results in its rough composition and heavier threads. It can only be handwoven and also handspun for the production procedure. The ordinary weave is just the option as a particular loom set-up is crucial for the weaving method. You can explore through a wide array of cotton fabrics.

    Importance Of Kala Organic Cotton 

    Kala cotton fabrics are a great organic crop for it is barely rain-fed crop. It does not expect too much water, which reduces water usage and also, it doesn’t expect pesticides and chemical fertilisers because it is sturdy. It curtails land corruption and enhances soil characteristics. It doesn’t expect drip irrigation which enables water level shortage. The consecutive method of chemical fertilisers and pesticides is toxic to the agriculturist who labours with the crop for an extended period as these chemicals affect the trunks gradually. This promotes and maintains the career of agriculturalists and breadwinners from the marginalised population and enables healthy eco-living. The Dharwad handloom fabrics is another worthy choice.

    Why Buy From iTokri

    Are you looking for unique  handloom products online? Check out iTokri, one of the best handcrafted online stores in India. They have beautiful  fabrics online,  gift sets,  bridal collections,  new year diaries. If you are looking for authentic and organic Kala cotton fabrics, iTokri is your dream destination. You can find the Kala cotton fabric in almost all the colours and pick from the desired pattern.


  • What is Kala organic cotton?
  • Kala cotton, also recognisedKala as the ‘old world’ cotton, is a rare species that originated in the areas of Kutch in Gujarat. It is solely organic as no chemical fertilisers and pesticides are used during the cultivation time. 

  • Is Kala cotton sustainable?
  • Due to its great forbearance to infections and insects, Kala cotton is very complicated and stable. It is entirely rain-fed, distinguished from large-scale industrialised cotton production, and because it can resist rugged land and climate conditions, it expects a minor venture. As a result, it is incredible cotton, the most carbon-neutral and energy-efficient cotton crop, as its ecological evidence is more profound than the other cotton species. 

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