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    Best Handmade Christmas Gifts Online at iTokri

    Christmas is observed on D...

    Best Handmade Christmas Gifts Online at iTokri

    Christmas is observed on December 25th. It is a celebration commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, who is considered the son of God by Christians. The name is a combination of the words "Christ" and "mass," which refers to Christ's holy mass (supper, feast, or festival). Many of the traditions associated with Christmas date back to older celebrations, such as exchanging gifts, feasting, and decorating a tree. It's a time for us to spend time with our family, making Decorations and other crafts, singing Christmas songs, listening to lovely Christmas tales, and preparing delicious delicacies! As per Christian custom, delivering gifts during the Christmas season represents the Three Kings presenting presents to the baby Christ. This winter, celebrate Christmas with  Christmas Tree Decor from iTokri at a reasonable price, which will bring happiness to your loved ones' lives. You can shop online from iTokri without any worries. iTokri provides hassle-free worldwide shipping and cash on delivery.

    Amazing Secret Santa Gifts 

    The person with the secret Santa tradition was a genius. All you have to do is buy a gender-neutral gift that’s beautiful. Some of the safest options for secret Santa gifts include Christmas ornaments. You’re going to help transform their house with these Christmas ornaments. Itokri offers multiple handmade Christmas ornaments such as the Star and Christmas Ball. 

    Christmas gifts for her 

    Surprise your girlfriend or wife this year with Itokri’s Handcrafted Macrame Teepee! Let her sit in the handmade, aesthetic small tent for her pictures on Instagram! It can make for a cute place for an indoor date as well. You can decorate the teepee with lights and arrange cushions and blankets to lay down. Pop open a bottle of champagne and watch a movie under this movable teepee anytime you want! Another aesthetic gift you can give your significant other is the Chakra Dream Catcher by Itokri. It’s a hand-embroidered dream catcher that she can hang over her bed or on the door as a reminder of you every day! 

    Christmas gifts for him

    Do you know what would make a fun date night with him? A board-game night! The best Christmas gifts for your boyfriend or husband might just be spending time with them without any stress. So, start a tradition this year and play board games every weekend with Itokri’s special hand-embroidered felt and beadwork Ludo game. Ludo is a timeless game that you cannot help but enjoy. You can also play cards, Monopoly, Scotland yard, checkers and video games. 

    Christmas gifts for parents

    Your parents love a clean, beautiful home no matter the festival. So, give them something to decorate their home. Itokri brings you its beautiful Handmade Fabric Katran wall hanging as Kites. These authentic designs will make great home decor and elevate the room by giving it a pop of colour. Some other amazing Christmas gifts include cushion covers. Itokri offers a broad range of cushion covers to suit your home decor, right from simple hand-embroidered ones to jazzy ones with sequin work. 

    Christmas gifts for friends and relatives

    Who doesn’t love handmade cards? The authenticity and effort that goes into a handmade card show love and appreciation for your loved one. This is one of the best handmade Christmas gifts for friends and relatives. You’re being safe and not guessing what people like. Instead, you’re giving them a heartfelt note to wish them a merry Christmas! Write a small snippet, expressing your gratitude and love towards them to give it a more personal touch. Itokri offers a beautiful range of greeting cards that you can give anyone - from the oldest member of your family to your childhood friends. Additionally, Itokri offers you a variety of handmade flower wall hangings, paintings, and note cards that you can pair with your cards. 

    Exclusive Christmas Gifts from iTokri

    1. Aari Embroidery Sequin Work Mercerised Ghicha Cushion Cover (16 x 16 in)

    Chhattisgarh master artisans handcrafted aari hand embroidered sequin work pure handloom mercerised ghicha cushion cover.

    • Christmas Ball - Handmade Papier Mache Christmas Ornament

    Papier mache is a type of papier mâché that is manufactured by hand. Acrylic paints were used to create this Christmas ornament. The primary raw material for this craft is a newspaper or any other waste paper utilised to make paper pulp. The adhesive is a sticky substance that is mixed into the pulp of the article. Multani Mitti- to give the product more strength and a superior finish.

    • Lucknow Chikankari Hand Embroidered Tussar Silk Clutch

    Hand-stitched pure tussar silk clutch with intricate and artistic lucknowi chikankari. It includes a single zipper pocket on the interior with a velvet lining. Chikankari is a Lucknow-based traditional textile design. It's a delicate and sophisticated hand embroidery technique in which cool, pastel colours of thread are embroidered into light materials.

    2. Original Chain Stitch Crewel Wool Thread Hand Embroidery Cushion Cover (18 x 18 in)

    Original chain stitch crewel wool yarn manually crocheted cushion covers of high quality. Crewelwork is a style of surface patchwork done in Kashmir traditionally with wool or silk yarn. To follow a design outline applied to the fabric, a range of different embroidery threads are used. The approach has been around for at least a thousand years. Also get  Christmas candles online to make the light more adorable and beautiful.

    • Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Candle Gift Set (Assorted)

    Natural wax and floral essential oils were used to make this candle, then embellished with natural crisped flowers and leaves. Each one is meticulously poured by hand. Before being gently put onto the candles, the flowers are first dried and pressed. (A five-piece set)


    What does the saying Christmas gift mean?

    It comes from the custom of rushing out of bed on Christmas morning to announce a "Christmas gift" before everyone else. The one who is told "Christmas gift!" is expected to give the person saying it a gift. The custom is identical to the "Christmas gift" business, only on Christmas Night.

    What is another word for Christmas gifts?

    Christmas presents are another name for Christmas gifts. A Christmas gift, often known as a Christmas present, is a privilege given in honour of Christmas. Christmas presents are frequently offered on Christmas Day, December 25, or on Twelfth Night, on the last day of twelve-day Christmas time (January 5).

    What is secret Santa?

    Secret Santa is when a group of colleagues or friends anonymously exchange Christmas presents. Every member of the group has one person assigned to them to give them something for Christmas. There’s an amount set for the gifts. 

    What kind of activity can we do on Christmas day?

    Christmas is all about celebration. Have a huge Christmas meal, organise a house party, decorate your Christmas tree, bake Christmas cookies, take a holiday card picture, play games and spend time with your family. Don’t forget to give each other gifts this Christmas with Itokri this year, because let’s be honest, gifts make everything more special! 

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