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    Christmas Candles

    Organic Christmas Candles from iTokri

    On December 25th, we celebrate Christmas. It's a Christian holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, who is regarded as God's son. The name is made up of the terms "Christ" and "mass," which refers to the holy mass of Christ (supper, feast, or festival). Many Christmas traditions, such as exchanging gifts, dining, and decorating a tree, can be traced back to previous festivals. It's a time for us to spend meaningful time with our families, making Christmas ornaments and other crafts, listening to heartfelt Christmas stories, and cooking delicious refreshments! Giving Christmas gifts during the season, according to Christian tradition, commemorates the Three Kings' gift-giving to the infant Jesus. Celebrate Christmas this winter with iTokri's affordable Christmas Tree Decor, which will provide delight to your loved ones. You may shop with confidence on the iTokri website. iTokri offers both simple international shipping and cash-on-delivery solutions.

    Candles from iTokri

    1. Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Candle Gift Set (Assorted)

    Each one is meticulously poured by hand. Before being gently put onto the candles, the flowers are first completely dry and pressed. Handmade candles in the shape of cylinders in a corrugated box. Natural wax and floral essential oils were used to make this candle, which was then embellished with natural dried flowers and leaves.

     2. Terracotta Handmade CUP Candle (Set of 10)

    Candle in the shape of a "CUP" made of clay. An ethnic handcrafted gift that ensures the most acceptable type of enjoyment with the joy of Natural Lighting. Burning time is 2.5 hours on average.

     3. Floating Candles - Set of 6

    Each one is painstakingly hand-poured. The flowers are dried and crushed before being carefully placed on the candles. These floating candles have been meticulously designed to float in water and appear appealing. They have a hypnotic effect on the audience. This candle is made with natural wax and flowery essential oils.

     4. Sri Aurobindo Ashram - Terracotta Candle Gift Set (Assorted)

    In a corrugated box, four handcrafted candles (Assorted). Natural wax and floral essential oils were used to make this candle, which was then embellished with natural dried flowers and leaves.

     5. Heart - Handmade Papier Mache Christmas Ornament

    Papier mache is a type of papier mâché that is manufactured by hand. Acrylic paints were used to create this Christmas home decor as an ornament. The primary raw material for this craft is the newspaper or any other waste paper utilised to make paper pulp. The adhesive is a sticky substance that is mixed into the pulp of the article. Multani Mitti- to help to produce more strength and a superior finish.


    1. What are Christmas candles?

    As a Christian, a candle is lit to symbolise the Star of Bethlehem, which guided the Magi to Jesus' stable. Likewise, suggesting the miracle of Chanukah (the blessing of a single gallon of oil burning for eight days) is a Jewish custom that candles in windows represent.

    2. What’s the best Christmas candle?

    Ans Terracotta Handmade CUP Candle (Set of 10) is the best Christmas candle because it is 100% handcrafted and showcases the skills of an Indian artisan.

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