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Manipuri Weave Sarees

Traditional Elegant Saree from Manipur 

The traditional sarees from Manipur adores women with sheer elegance, and they will never run out of fashion. The Manipuri sarees are passed on from one generation to another with class and retaining their originality. The northeast state of India is famous for its handloom sarees. They have their origin from tribal craft, and the legacy has been carried through years now. Weavers specialising in intricate designs spun the fabrics into a beautiful saree. They are specialised in making excellent motifs and patterns. The handlooms are dedicated to  Khongman, Bamon Kempe, Wangkhei, Utlouand,Kongba etc. You can check out graceful Manipuri sarees online for an affordable price.

Elegant  Manipur Saree

Manipur sarees are very traditional, making them elegant to wear, and it's presentable for all occasions. The handwoven cotton sarees of  Manipur has traditional hill tribal designs with floral patterns on them. The weavers weave the cotton saree using a shuttle loom or a throw loom. Temple design is used as borders that make it grand. The Manipuri saree looks graceful on women of all age groups. The Chettinad silk cotton saree makes the best gifting option too. The silk sarees are hand-woven with pure Eri silk by the weavers. Silk sarees are soft, shiny with temple borders, floral patterns and tribal designs.

Henotheistic is a hand-woven fabric woven with acrylic yarn. Longitudinal warp designs are made with traditional motifs, and knotting is made in the end. The Manipuri weave saree can be found online, and they are excellent in quality. Traditional weaving includes two important designs and textile fabrics, such as Moirang phee and Leirum phee. The tangaliya handwoven saree is another classic beauty.

The Moirang Pheejin is a specific design popular among the people of Manipur that is woven in the longitudinal edges of the cloth, and orientation is done along the middle of the fabric with cotton or silk threads. This cloth represents the pythonic God in Manipuri called Pakhangba, which is pointed and thin. The Leirum Phee is a traditional wear for a Meitei marriage as they have to be gifted by the parents to their daughter at their wedding. It is a coarse cotton saree that has to be carried to the groom's place by the bride. It has a traditional design with black, red, white stripes embossed on it. Usually, the black rows are small-sized in a chessboard pattern.  The Manipuri saree style and design look elegant for all traditional gatherings.

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  1. Which saree is famous in Manipur?

Moirang phee and Leirum Phee are the Manipuri sarees worn by the women for traditional occasions and festivals.

  1. What is the Manipuri saree called?

Manipuri sarees are called Sami Ngami, which is very popular and adorned with traditional jewellery.