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Authentic Handcrafted Dream Catchers

Protect Your Dreams With iTokri’s  Handcrafted Dream Catchers!

A dreamcatcher is a round or oval-shaped piece of cord, usually made from netting, that is decorated in such a way that it resembles a dream catcher made out of yarn. The best way to describe a dream catcher is that it is a necklace that you place over your sleeping head to trap nightmares and protect your dreams. Dream catchers originated in the Native American tradition, where they were used to catch the dreams of the tribe's medicine man and bring his dream power to the tribe. Since then, they have become a popular decoration in many cultures around the world. The main reason to buy a  handmade dreamcatcher is that it has the ability to absorb and contain dreams, which is why many people also use them as decorations in their bedrooms. 

Buy Dreamcatcher Online In India Exclusively From iTokri

  1. Tree of Life Catcher Wall Hanging: A wall hanging full of hope, this macrame tree of life wall hanging makes any room come alive. Those who see it are instantly enraptured and applaud it. Add a touch of elegance to your living space or your dining area with this beautiful piece.
  2. Le Coeur Catcher Wall Hanging - Red: A beautiful dream-catcher from the House of Macrame called "Le Coeur" is handcrafted by happy hands. The red thread in this piece symbolizes the love you carry within your heart. This dream-catcher will go down in history as a treasured family heirloom no matter if you give it to a loved one or keep it for yourself!
  3. Chakra Catcher Wall Hanging: A perfect companion to accompany your bed that will keep bad dreams away! Despite its delicate construction, this macrame  handmade dream catcher wall hangingis long-lasting as well as colorful and adds creative appeal to your decor. The cotton used in the design is of high quality and is biodegradable. One of the most amazing handcrafted dreamcatchers online. 
  4. Sunrise Catcher Wall Hanging:  Buy dream catcher online India that is all set to not only level up the beauty of your room but also help you have a peaceful and calm sleep.  This beauty is a must-have decor item in your space.Thedream catcher wall hanging benefits are they help in spreading positivity and good luck.

Why Choose iTokri?

iTokri, an Indian  handicraft store is your go-to place to not only buy dreamcatcher online in India but also  cotton maskshandcrafted productscotton dress materials, and other products.  Buy dreamcatchers online from the best handicraft store. It is also famous for providing beautiful  fabrics online.We assure to provide you with the best of everything at the lowest prices. 


1. What is the origin of dreamcatchers?

Historically,authentic dream catchers online were used by the Ojibwes. The Ojibwe were the first to invent this tradition, and then other tribes, cultures, and nations began adopting them. 

2. How does dreamcatcher help in good dreams?

It is believed that dream catchers act as filters for dreams. Positive dreams are sent to the sleeper while negative ones are removed. The web of adream catcher online shoppingis tied to the hoops at eight points. They represent the eight legs of a spider.

3. Does a dream catcher have to be above your bed?

If you are someone who gets negative or scary dreams, it is best to hang them above the bed. Hanging them above helps in being a barrier for negative dreams, and gives only happy positive vibes.