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Incense Cones

A Wide Range Of Pure And Precious Incense Cones Is Waiting For You Only At iTokri!

iTokri is your go-to place to buy incense cones online. At iTokri, you will find the most aromatic incense sticks made from organic and recycled materials. Use these natural incense cones while doing yoga, meditation or pooja, to enhance the smell of your surrounding. iTokri is one of the most favourite destinations to buy incense cones. It promotes 100% organic, made from natural flowers and essential oil, incense cones, and timely and safe delivery across India. End your search for natural incense cones online at iTokri’s exclusive store.  

Buy Aromatic And Exotic Incense Cones Online All At Reasonable Prices Only From iTokri:

Explore more of iTokri’s exquisite collection of Indian incense cones, which will mesmerise your mind:

  1.  Natural Tulsi Incense Cones:  This tulsi incense cone is made from recycled flowers and essential oils; hence is entirely safe and toxic-free.Tulsi is quite famous for its medical and spiritual properties and therefore is the perfect choice to get rid of bad vibes from your atmosphere. 
  2.  Lavender - Sri Aurobindo Ashram Natural Incense Cones:  Lavender is everyone’s favourite! It produces a smell that lifts everyone’s mood around it. It is made with a unique blend of dried flower petals, herbs, spices, charcoal, and resin to provide a fantastic fragrance. 
  3.  Nag Champa- Natural Flora Dhoop 18 Sticks:  Made with a paste of organic materials, these dhoop sticks are non-toxic and hand-rolled in India. Giving out the smell of Nag Champa, these sticks are environmentally friendly. Available in other flavours, such asRose,Jasmine,Sandal, and many more. 
  4.  Madhuban- Natural Flora Dhoop (Set of 6):  Looking for something more unique? This box of natural flora dhoop is the perfect pick for unique fragrances. Pack contains 6 amazing flavours: strawberry, sandal, lotus, rose, pine, and jasmine. It can also be used as a gifting option for a pooja or ritual ceremony at your friend’s or family’s place.
  5.  Dhoop Stick (Bamboo-Less) Sleeve:  Another ideal gifting option. This beautiful box contains 6 incense packs (120 sticks) of different flavours such as root rose, Mysore sandalwood, patchouli, Forest wood, tulsi & jasmine.

Since its December month, at iTokri, you will find a unique collection of Christmas gifts and new year diaries for the perfect present for your friends and family this year. iTokri also has an exclusive range of handmade beadwork torans and candle stands. So trust iTokri with your fabric online shopping!

Why Choose iTokri?

Grab the best quality of incense cones at reasonable prices only from iTokri. Check out more of iTokri’s brilliant incense cones to lighten and sweeten up your atmosphere with their unique fragrances. iTokri provides you with the best of all and is your one-stop destination to buy incense cones online in India. 


What are incense cones used for?

Incense cones are used to spread aromatic fragrances across your surroundings. It can be used anytime, while reading, meditating, or maybe for religious rituals. They are also known to bring peace and calm to your body. 

Are our incense cones better than sticks?

Well, both the products have their advantages and disadvantages. They differ in their shape, durability, and time to burn. However, both are beneficial for our health and mind and are widely used for spiritual purposes.