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    Applique Work Rakhis

    Celebrate Raksha Bandhan in 2021 with iTokri applique work Rakhis

    Raksha Bandhan is just...

    Celebrate Raksha Bandhan in 2021 with iTokri applique work Rakhis

    Raksha Bandhan is just around the corner, and we are all hunting for the best, most charming rakhis and rakhi gifts that we can find for our siblings. iTokri offers a wide variety of traditional ethnic rakhi options for this day - ranging from beadwork to mirror work rakhis and from crochet to applique work rakhis. They are all standout products that will make this beautiful day of Raksha Bandhan even more special for you and your brothers. 

    Applique is ornamental needlework where pieces or patches of fabrics are cut out into different shapes, sizes, and patterns. These pieces of cloth are then stuck or sewn on top of a more significant portion of fabric to form a definite way, design or picture. This type of fabric craft is usually employed on clothes, cushion covers, fabric toys, duvets or blankets. The needlework can be done either by hand or by sewing machines. Though appliqué work is generally done on fabric or textiles, artisans can practice it on other materials as well. This year, discover rakhis that have been created using this excellent craft by iTokri. 

    Like embroidery work, applique techniques and crafts had humble beginnings. This technique was used to strengthen worn parts of fabrics or patch holes in garments in earlier times. Mostly, people used the early form of applique to increase the longevity of garments. However, with time, applique started to be used as a decorative technique. It began to be used on quilts and blankets worldwide. Today, iTokri artisans use the applique method to produce beautiful products, including rakhis that will light up the occasion of Raksha Bandhan for you.

    At iTokri, the technique of applique is combined and enhanced by the incorporation of embroidered embellishments. Our artisans use various types of beads, stones, and sequins and stitch them onto the fabric of the Rakhi to create multiple shapes and patterns. Certain types of stitches are employed to make cohesive designs by the applique technique. The most commonly used stitches are the running stitch or the straight stitch. Another type of stitch that is used for the method of applique is the stain stitch. Generally, single-layer applique is employed onto fabrics as they are easier and quicker to do. Other forms of applique include reverse applique and multi-hoop applique. Applique technique is even used on ceramics where a different piece of clay is stuck onto the primary component to create an eye-catching design. These ceramics are great for decorating your house.

    iTokri Swastik work Rakhi collections

    We all know that Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious festival in the Hindu culture, on which the bond between siblings is celebrated and cherished. Brothers and sisters celebrate their special bond on this auspicious occasion. The significance behind the tradition of tying a Rakhi is that this thread, which is connected by the sister on her brother’s wrist, marks her brother's commitment to protecting his sister and the sister’s commemoration of her love for him. Moreover, the sacred thread of Rakhi also signifies the sister’s prayers for her brother’s well-being. The Swastika is the most potent and sacred design that artisans can incorporate on a Rakhi. The Swastika is a spiritual symbol that wards off all negative energy and brings prosperity and good luck to the person wearing it. This year, we all need some extra luck and protection due to the raging pandemic. So, if your brother is a spiritual and religious being, it would be a great idea to tie a Rakhi with the swastika symbol on your brother's wrist.

    As it is considered a sacred symbol, the Swastika and the prayers associated with the Swastika would help protect your brother from any misfortune, sickness, and all forms of evil. Did you know that Swastika rakhis are associated with wealth and health too? Most people start planning for Rakhi a week before the day. So buy the Swastika Rakhi online from iTokri to tie on your brother's wrist this year!

    Why buy from iTokri's applique and Swastik Rakhi collection?

    Raksha Bandhan is primarily an Indian festival, and many Indian origin people who reside outside of India also celebrate it with much enthusiasm. But how do you get iTokri’s beautiful Rakhi collections if you are abroad? There is no need for you to worry as iTokri ships internationally. Thus, you can celebrate this year by  sending rakhi with some of the most beautiful applique or Swastik rakhis out there with only a click online. The best part about buying from iTokri's Rakhi collection is that you can buy  rakhi gift hampers for your brother or sister as well. Our rakhi gift combos offer sweets, cashew nuts, almonds, and dry fruits that go well with such auspicious occasions.


    Q1. What are the different types of applique rakhis available on iTokri?

    Ans. iTokri houses a collection of applique rakhis comprising reverse applique rakhis, multi-hoop rakhis, and rakhis made with the applique cutwork technique. These rakhis are embellished with stones, sequins, dokra beads, and wooden engravings as well.

    Q2. What is the significance of tying Rakhi to brothers?

    Ans. The sacred thread of Rakhi ensures the well-being, good fortune, and prosperity of your brother. It also marks the brother's promise to protect his sister. Thus, the occasion of Raksha Bandhan celebrates the bond between a brother and sister.

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