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Diwali Sweets

 This Diwali, give the sweetest gift to your loved ones with itokri 

As a tradition, Diwali celebrates the triumph of good over evil, whether it is Rama and Sita's triumphant return or the return of the Pandavas to their homeland, or the defeat of Mahabali by Lord Vishnu. During these happy times, people would exchange sweets as a way of celebrating. In addition to marking the end of the harvest season, Diwali also marks the start of a new harvest season. Therefore, farmers would distribute sweets at Diwali to show their thanks for their harvests. Sweets, traditionally made at home, were exchanged. A Diwali celebration wouldn't be complete without sweet treats. There are many flavours and colours to choose from in Indian sweets. Indian families prepare Diwali sweets ten days before the festival. A variety of rich, savoury and sweet dishes are served during the celebration. The majority of family members decide to prepare exceptional food for guests arriving at the house. They exchange gifts and watch fireworks instead of going out to a fancy place for dinner. Diwali is a festival marked by many different meals that each family will enjoy.  

Sweets specially made for Diwali are available online. 

Indian sweets are traditionally called 'Mithai'. The ancient custom of offering sweets to the gods and considering them pure is still prevalent today. As part of celebrating the festival, people exchange sweets with family, friends, and strangers. Every festival, and especially Diwali, should have infinite flavours and types to choose from. Among the hundred varieties available for sale are laddoo, barfi, besan, gulab jamun, petha, halwa, and many more. The special mithais made during Diwali include Gujias, Gulab Jamuns, Coconut Barfi, and besan or flour laddoos. 

Itokri offers the best Diwali sweets online 

Freshly Homemade Dry Fruits Laddu

Combined with dry fruits such as walnuts, almonds, cashews, peanuts, and raisins, this North Indian sweet stands fair on health grounds as well. Our Dry Fruit Ladoos are handcrafted at home in Gwalior by Happy women. So you can treat your loved ones to these Dry Fruit Laddoos this Diwali and enjoy the auspicious occasion. 

Freshly Homemade Milk Cake

Kalakand is a milk-based sweet that originated in Rajasthan and is an exotic traditional milk sweet. By evaporating milk moisture from the milk solids, conventional methods for preparing the milk solids are followed. Even though it requires patience and time, the result is well worth the effort. 

Premium Classic Almonds

Almonds are a thoughtful gift that can show the receiver the giver cares about their well-being. Vitamin E, fiber, protein, riboflavin, manganese, folate are among the 15 nutrients in these almonds, making them a great gift choice for nutrition-conscious people. 

With almonds, one can give the gift of good health to friends and family and offer a healthier alternative to snacking. If hunger strikes while travelling or watching a movie, they can keep a handful nearby as a snack. The convenience of almonds makes them an excellent snack that can be eaten anytime.

Your Favourite Chocolates

No gift conveys our love and appreciation for you more than chocolates. So, no matter how you celebrate Diwali, don't forget to light up your loved ones' day with chocolate. There are options for both personal and corporate gifting with our exclusive Diwali Chocolate hamper. 


In India, burfi is a type of mithai made of dense milk and is a traditional sweet. One of the most popular sweets among Indians, this is present on almost all occasions. However, the best and most traditional sweet available for your Diwali celebrations is barfi. We have specially crafted Kaju kaatli barfi from Gwalior for this auspicious day. 


1. What are the best Diwali sweets you have?

Ans: A perfect answer would be Kaju Katli, besan ke laddoo, milk cakes, halwa, dry fruits laddoo, and gulab jamun, which are the most popular sweets that people give each other during Diwali.  

2. Why is corporate gifting meaningful on Diwali? 

Ans: Corporate Diwali Gifts are an excellent way to thank their employees and staff for their loyalty. It will make them feel happy, which will increase productivity. In addition, it is a token of appreciation for them that helps in better relationship building.