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    Diwali Corporate Gifts

    What You Need To Know About Giving Corporate Gifts For Diwali

    Diwali, the festival of lights, is just around the corner. The events and customs around gift-giving throughout this holiday season are also abundant—these are undoubtedly the best parts of any celebration! 

    Corporate giving has a significant effect on employees' morale and motivation, particularly around festival occasions like Diwali. It serves as a representation of gratitude and acknowledgement towards their efforts in helping ...

    What You Need To Know About Giving Corporate Gifts For Diwali

    Diwali, the festival of lights, is just around the corner. The events and customs around gift-giving throughout this holiday season are also abundant—these are undoubtedly the best parts of any celebration! 

    Corporate giving has a significant effect on employees' morale and motivation, particularly around festival occasions like Diwali. It serves as a representation of gratitude and acknowledgement towards their efforts in helping the organisation soar high and has more emotional connection. 

    Thoughtfully chosen gifts help foster the emotional bond between employers and employees, increasing job satisfaction and employee engagement.

    An Overview Of The Diwali Celebration

    Your coworkers, friends, and family are the people with whom you want to celebrate festivals. The festival of Diwali is the perfect occasion to thank and honour your staff for their contributions to the business. During Diwali, employers may be seen scrambling for gift ideas, especially sincecorporate Diwali gifts are in full swing.

    Different States Have Different Shades Of Diwali

    The festival of lights is observed in many parts of the nation and resonates with intriguing mythical occurrences in many different ways. Here is how the holiday is observed in the various Indian states:

    North India

    In North India, Diwali lasts for five days and starts with Dhanteras. The huge Ganga aarti, during which a large number of lamps float on the surface of the Ganges River, kicks off Diwali celebrations in areas like Uttar Pradesh. Priests chant hymns all through the night, making Diwali a deeply spiritual occasion.

    South India

    Diwali is also known as Naraka Chaturdashi or Kali Chaudas in South India. Legend has it that on this day, Lord Krishna and Goddess Kali slew the demon Narakasura. On the morning of Naraka Chaturdashi, devotees in the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana get up early, take an oil bath, put on new clothing, and worship Goddess Lakshmi.

    Deepavali is a quiet celebration in Kerala that includes an oil bath, a special feast, and lamp lighting. In Karnataka, they revere King Bali, who was assassinated by a Vishnu avatar, as part of the rite Balipadyami.

    West India

    The house is cleaned, adorned, and lit up while small footsteps are traced on the entryway to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. 

    Vasu Baras, a celebration honouring cows, marks the start of Diwali in Maharashtra. People celebrate the union of marriage by observing Cha Padva. The celebrations of Diwali climax with the Bhav Bij and Tulsi Vivah, which ushers in the wedding season. Goddess Lakshmi is also adored.

    East India

    Diwali is observed as Kali Puja, sometimes called Shayma Puja, in the city of West Bengal. It marks the day when Goddess Parvati killed the demon Bakrasura by taking the form of Maa Kali. In West Bengal and Assam, Diwali night is dedicated to the worship of Goddess Kali. Houses are lit up with lamps, and many people flock to the Kalighat and Dakshineswar temples to worship and pray. 

    Several Kali Puja pandals have been erected throughout the city. Fish, pork, and hibiscus flowers are presented to Goddess Kali. In the state of Assam, people also create rangolis and use marigolds and mango leaves to adorn their gateways.

    Reasons To Celebrate Choti And Badi Diwali

    Celebrating Choti and Badi Diwali both hold their significance. This event, which bears the name Narakasura, is extremely important because it commemorates the defeat of the demon at Satyabhama, the consort of Shri Krishna. Narakasura was the child of Lord Varaha and Bhudevi (an avatar of Shri Vishnu). But he became so destructive that the Universe suffered as a result of his presence. He once assaulted Lord Krishna. And the latter's spouse, Sathyabhama, a manifestation of Bhudevi, struck back vehemently and bravely. She sacrificed Narakasura, sanctifying Brahma's blessing.

    But before passing away, Narakasura begged Bhudevi (Satyabhama), asked for her blessings, and prayed for a blessing. He sought to live on in people's memories. As a result, people commemorate Naraka Chaturdashi by performing the Abhyanga Snan and lighting earthen lamps. In a symbolic sense, people commemorate this day to purge themselves of vice, negativity, evil, and sloth. It represents freedom from everything negative and anything that prevents us from following the correct path.

    In a symbolic sense, people commemorate the day of Badi Diwali to purge themselves of vice, negativity, evil, and sloth. It represents freedom from everything negative and anything that prevents us from following the correct path. People worshipLakshmi and Ganesh idols withDiwali pooja thali and welcome prosperity to their homes and families.

    Festivals That Create A Joyful Environment With Diwali

    Each day of the five-day Diwali celebrations has a special meaning. Let's read a little bit about each of them here:

  • Dhanteras
  • The first day of Diwali is called "Dhanteras," or the worship of wealth. People worship the goddess Lakshmi on this day, and it's customary to buy something pricey. People clean and decorate their homes.

  • Choti Diwali or Naraka Chaturdashi
  • A day before we celebrate the main festival, Choti Diwali, also known as Naraka Chaturdashi is celebrated. Before having a bath, people apply aromatic oils to themselves as soon as they wake up. Allegedly, this cleanses one of all faults and impurities. They don new clothing, perform Puja, and then have fun by lighting diyas and setting off a few fireworks.

  • Puja Govardhan or Padva
  • The day Lord Krishna conquered Indra by raising the enormous Govardhan Mountain is known as Govardhan Puja or Padva. People construct a tiny hillock, typically out of cow dung, to represent Govardhan and worship it.

  • Bhai Dooj

  • Bhai Dooj is the final day. Sisters execute a "tilak" ceremony and host a magnificent supper for their brothers on this day. While the brothers are giving gifts to their sisters, the sisters pray for a long and happy life for their brothers. The brothers give them Bhai Dooj gifts in return.

    The most well-known holiday observed in Bihar, a state in northern India, as well as some areas of Uttar Pradesh and Nepal, is Chhath Puja. The celebrated festival of Chhath begins on the sixth day of the Hindu month of Kartika. The Sun God and his bride Usha are the focus of this event. This festival is observed to give thanks to the Deity for maintaining life on Earth and to ask the almighty Sun god and his wife for their blessing.

    Why Choose iTokri For Diwali Gifts?

    Throw away the traditional gift ideas because iTokri has some innovative suggestions for businesses and clients that would make this Diwali one to remember. Give your staff memberspremium Diwali gifts that mean something to them deeply and would make them smile to demonstrate your dedication to their well-being. Brilliant ideas can be found on iTokri. Our assortment of thebest Diwali gifts for employees combines one-of-a-kind customised gifts with a business-like ambience.

    While browsing iTokri's selection of the top Diwali presents for workers, you can unwind. Indian customers' buying experiences have been completely redesigned by the real online marketplace known as iTokri. We keep handicrafts, fabrics, and antique items that will highlight your dress's or interior design's beauty. We sellDiwali gifts under 1000.

    Our extensive line of goods is created by local artists who are experts in their fields. We give them chances to work together with us and preserve traditional Indian culture. You can give iTokri handicrafts and other products to your loved ones and experience our swift shipping and first-rate customer service thanks to our assortment of things suitable for every price range. Apart from gifts for Diwali, you can also get Diyas, Silver Coins, Durga Pooja Sarees, Navratri JewelleryKarwak Chauth Sargi andKarwa Chauth gifts through our portal.


    What are the best corporate gifts?

    Here is a list of some uniquecorporate Diwali gifts for employees you might give to your coworkers:

  • Dry fruits
  • This is a customary and wholesome Diwali gift for your staff. Dry fruits packs, like almonds, cashews, walnuts, raisins, pistachios, and other varieties, can make wonderful Diwali gifts. These nuts are healthy and make a lovely gift for your staff. It is an unbreakable present that is always appropriate. Various merchants sell dry fruits in adorable, posh boxes. Additionally, if you wish to promote MSME and small businesses this year, you can choose a small business to work with.

  • The Indian touch
  • Any Indian celebration will feel lacking without ethnic clothing. You might present your staff with a stunning article on Indian apparel for Diwali, perhaps a kurta for men and a saree for women. They will not only find it useful and memorable, but they will also take particular joy in showing it.

  • Scented candles
  • Sets of decorative, perfumed, and bright candles make excellent presents for office personnel. They can aid in stress relief and are soothing. Additionally, it will give their decor a dash of sophistication and refinement.

  • A box full of Diwali sweets(mithai)
  • A box of mithai is the perfect way to wish someone a happy Diwali. You can give them huge mithai boxes to enjoy and share with their friends and family. In any case, mithai is a vulnerability for Indians. Everyone enjoys several types of confections, including rasgullas, gulab jamun, and Kaju katli. However, because Soan Papdi has become unpopular, you might need to steer clear of it.

  • A box of chocolates
  • A tray of chocolates would make your staff and employees happy this Diwali. For your dedicated team this Valentine's Day, a basket stocked with various chocolate bars and heart-shaped candies is the perfect sweet surprise. You can partner with a well-known brand or find a lot of sellers. However, you can also choose some home bakers if you want to support small enterprises.

    What are the best gifts for employees?

    Gifts are selected based on a person's preferences. Try to choose various presents for various groups by their requirements. Give them something they can use and rely on in their daily lives. A suitable present is a further step toward mutual respect and trust in a corporate setting.

    In the corporate world, it's important that your team members feel appreciated and taken care of. Diwali's best typical gesture is selecting the nicest gift for your staff. Here is a list of some practical Diwali presents you can give your staff.

    Branded lunch box

    A fantastic lunch box is the ideal Diwali gift for employees. So, if you're still seeking the best presents for your office personnel and employees, consider having lunch boxes that are customised. Your staff will find this to be a very helpful item. They will remember this fantastic business presence for a very long time.

    Wireless headphone

    Wireless headphones make the greatest Diwali present for staff members. It's the ideal gift because it's not just considerate but also advantageous to the business. In addition to saving money on coffee breaks, the workers will be able to listen to their favourite music in great quality without bothering those around them.

    What are the most popular corporate gifts?

    Promoting company culture and identity withcorporate Diwali gifts is another effective strategy. They do, after all, serve as the organisation's public face. The best Diwali gift suggestions for staff typically demonstrate how much the business values its employees. These work well where there is a fair budget for  Diwali gifts.

    Laptop bags

    Giving laptop bags as gifts to your staff members around Diwali is a wonderful idea. It demonstrates your concern for them as people and your effort to express gratitude for all they do. Giving them a laptop bag would be one method to do this and make it easier for them to transport their work supplies.

    Home Decor

    You can give your staff home decor as a holiday gift this year. It's a kind of present that will increase their joy. Even their family members will be pleased to see their new interior design. This is a fantastic way to express gratitude for your employee's dedication. especially considering that they are the ones who keep things organised and working well during the holiday season!

    Sets of desk accessories

    For any employee who appreciates organisation, these make excellent Diwali gifts. From a pencil holder and notebook to a keyboard tray that makes it simpler for children to type comfortably, the set has everything they need to arrange their workplace. Also available are stylish metal coasters, which prevent water stains on desks.

    What are some unique corporate Diwali gifts a company could give?

    Every year, you can tell that your staff members anticipate their gifts when there is a perfect attendance rate at work and everyone is dressed in ethnic attire for the Diwali party. Additionally, I'm secretly hoping for anything other than dried fruits and gift cards. With these special and practicalcorporate Diwali gifts for employees, you can send your coworkers love and light.

    A gift basket with wholesome foods

    Although food gift baskets can never go wrong, you can add more personalization to them by hand-selecting healthier snacks for your coworkers. To make an impact, wrap it in a stylish basket.

    Pens and other stationery

    If in doubt, think about pen sets and stationery  Diwali gift hampers  as your best bet that won't burn a hole through your pocket. However, pay attention to its quality because a regular pen might be given to someone else, but a high-quality, smoothly-operating one won't.

    Office desk organiser

    Who doesn't enjoy a tidy desk at work? Take the initiative and motivate your staff to organise their desks for Diwali if they haven't already purchased a desk organiser.

    Gifting your employees and pampering them will help improve their productivity as they will have an increased sense of familiarity with the company. You can get the best corporate gifts from iTokri. You can check out our whole collection on our official website.

    Why Diwali gifts are important for both employees and employers?

    Exchanging gifts on Diwali by employer helps them in building a strong relationship with employees while making them feel that they are an important part of the organisation. Also, on receiving gifts from employers, employees feel happy, motivated and attached to the organisation.

    Do companies give gift cards to employees as Diwali gifts?

    Yes, gift cards are one of the best Diwali gifts. Giving your employees Diwali gift cards allows them to choose a gift of their choice, which is of use to them. 

    How employer can make Diwali gift more special for employees?

    By adding a personalised note with the gift, employers can make Diwali gift more special for employees. Additionally, they can also choose gifts as per the choices and preferences of the employees, to make them feel more attached to the gift. 

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