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Moisturizing Lotions

Get Your New Favorite Natural Skin Care Product At iTokri 

Skin care is an essential part of our daily regime these days. It’s something that keeps our skin clear from all of the skin related problems that we face. The increasing pollution and presence of dust particles in the air make it even more important for us to take care of our skin. The facial skin is extremely sensitive and fragile; more than the skin on our body. This is why there are a variety of products dedicated solely to facial skincare. But even then, it is important to find products that are free from harsh chemicals. This is why herbal skincare is usually recommended. We’ve all heard our mothers and grandmothers talk about natural skincare and how effective it is. They swear by these methods and herbal skincare is extremely popular among them. From moisturizing lotions to handmade face creams, they have a recipe for everything. 

And, we can never go wrong with these homemade skincare products. They are effective just as they are comforting. Imagine reaping the benefits of a homemade moisturizer. Wonderful, right? But these days, it is hard to remove time from our daily schedules to allow some time for taking care of our skin using herbal skincare. Because, let’s be honest, just as effective as it is, we need time to prepare the ingredients. 

So, at iTokri, we bring to you a range of skincare products that give you the benefits of homemade skincare. From moisturizing lotions to natural face creams, we have something for every skin type. Whether you want some ayurvedic face creams for crystal clear skin that’s shiny and dewy all day long or something to sweep those dark spots with an under eye cream, we have it all. Got oily skin that frustrates you to no end this summer? Get our natural moisturizer for oily skin and say bye-bye to your frustrations. Dry skin makes you sigh tiredly? Let our handmade face cream work its magic on you just like a fairy godmother. Your concerns are no longer here to stay because we’ll help you take care of them. 

Buy Herbal Skincare Products Online

Did we convince you to try out a herbal beauty product? Then here are some options you should consider. For all your facial concerns, we have a range of natural face creams that will demolish your skin related issues. Buy a natural handmade face moisturizer based on your skin related issue. Our range of handmade face moisturizers includes Kumkumadi face moisturizer, Ayurvedic face moisturizer and Herbal face moisturizer made from the goodness of natural ingredients that your skin will love. Try out our sea buckthorn skin relief lotion for all your acne-related concerns and to soothe your skin.

Explore our range of handmade massage cream, foot cream and handmade cleansing lotion and pick your favorite products to shop. 

Explore The Goodness Of Natural Products At iTokri 

Whether it’s skincare or body care, we all want something natural and free from chemicals. After all, only the best for our skin. At iTokri, we have a range of personal care products that are made from natural and herbal ingredients sourced from trusted places. So, if you want a range of beauty and skincare products that benefit you and allow you to keep all of your worries at bay, then you have reached your final destination. Find your holy grail at iTokri and let your skin glow in happiness. Explore our collection ofhandmade soaps,spa essentials,face maskandhandcrafted wooden combs among the many exclusivepersonal care products.


1 What herbs are good for skin?

Chamomile, tea tree, mint, saffron, and aloe vera are some herbs that are extremely good for the skin with promising results. 

2 Which herbal brand is best for the skin?

At iTokri, you will find the best brands for skincare products and other essential items made with natural ingredients only. 

3 Are herbal products good for the skin?

Yes because herbal products are gentle on your skin because they do not contain harsh chemicals and can be very soothing.