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    A Soapy Affair 

    When we talk about skincare, soaps are one of its most essential components. Moreover, soaps are integral to feeling refreshed and clean.

    A good soap won’t just deeply cleanse, but it will also leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and nourished. Did you know? That soaps can be made with pure, homegrown ingredients instead of synthetic fragrances, sulphur or any other harmful chemicals. Homemade soaps are super mild on the skin and have outstanding healing and nourishing properties. These natural soaps are infused with the goodness of various essential oils to make them very healthy for one’s skin. As these soaps are rich in antioxidants, the skin gets protected from various chemical-induced toxins. Such handmade organic soaps can also be regarded as spa soaps as they are made of high-quality ingredients and work toward holistic rejuvenation of the skin that consequently calms the senses. In addition to that, handcrafted soaps can be ideal for people with sensitive skin as their mild formulation won’t disturb the pH balance of the skin. 

    If you wish to buy the best organic soaps online, then iTokri is the place for you.

    We have curated an outstanding range of 

    Handcrafted Natural Soaps For You To Choose From :

    If you are someone who wishes to experience the healing power of natural soaps or would like to try them for their calming aroma, then there are plenty of options for you. You can choose from a number of natural soaps like white chocolate soap, Aloe Vera soap, orange soap, marbled chocolate soap, and so many other options. Each soap has been hand-picked and sourced by our team after carefully checking the nature of the ingredients and the overall quality of the product. 

    Why Choose iTokri?

    iTokri is a platform that is dedicated to bringing together Indian artisans and indigenous brands who create beautiful handmade and handcrafted products. We are firmly rooting for creativity, and hence we leverage our logistics and marketing expertise for a number of artisanal brands. Keeping our sentiment for quality and creativity in mind, all our products are unique in their own right and are reflective of the ‘new Indian aesthetic’. There is an expansive selection of products from various departments like  textiles,  home decor items,  kitchen accessories,  spa soaps,  handcrafted wooden comb,  massage oils personal care products  and much more. 


    What is a soap spa?

    A soap spa refers to the holistic rejuvenation that one experiences after using a beautiful handmade soap. The natural ingredients work their wonders on the skin, whereas the aroma works its magic to calm you down. It feels like wellness packed in a soap bar. 

    What are bath soaps used for?

    Bath soaps are an everyday essential when it comes to personal hygiene. We use them to cleanse our bodies and to avoid any germ build-up. This also helps in keeping many skin problems at bay. iTokri has curated and presented the best handmade soaps in India on its website. The upside of using these soaps is that their natural ingredients help in providing additional benefits to your skin in addition to deep cleansing. 

    Is soap good for the face?

    Ideally, bathing bars and face washes are different by virtue of their formulation. Face washes are more tender on the skin and usually have a better formulation so that the facial skin is not stripped of its natural oils. Having said that, organic natural soaps like aloe Vera soaps or cinnamon soaps can be used on the body as well as the face because the nature of its herbal ingredients will not dry out your face or your body. 

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